Tonight I fell in love…

Tonight I fell in love…


with a handsome guy named Aaron. He had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen and kept staring at me all evening! My heart couldn’t help but fall in love with him the moment I saw him. He captured my attention all evening and I was sad to see him leave.

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Pro-Life Emphasis Week – Recap

Wow…just wow!! I am still trying to process everything that happened this past week!

I had the honor of planning and putting together a Pro-Life Emphasis Week at Liberty University! When I first became the Senior Class President, I honestly didn’t really know what to do. I knew I had a cool position, but past a title, I was kind of at a loss at what to do. So, I decided to pray about it. The Lord asked me what both He and I were passionate about, and I responded, “Life”. When the Lord placed me in the position of Senior Class President, I never knew what was going to happen, but I set about planning for a Pro-Life Emphasis week for the student body. The early stages of planning began in September, and have been in the works ever since then.

The purpose of the week was to educate ourselves on how to be pro-life not only in word, but also in deed, and to inspire the world’s largest Christian university to hold life as precious and dear, just like our Father!


The beginning of the week was awful, and Tuesday was probably one of the worst day’s I’ve had in a long time. I cried openly in public more than once. Everything was falling apart on Tuesday. There was a lot of stuff happening back home which was breaking my heart, and things were not coming together with pro-life week. I found out that I didn’t have access to the money that I was counting on (which was about $1000). Thing after thing wasn’t going right. When I got into bed on Tuesday night, I felt defeated and discouraged and was so close to just throwing up my hands and cancelling the entire week.

When I got up on Wednesday morning, my dear mother had sent me a Facebook message…

Remember that this week belongs to God, and He is well-able to make of it what He wants. You don’t have to do it in your own strength, and even through your willingness to put this together, He doesn’t want to share the glory of it. Get physical rest, and stay in that place of obedient,joyful rest in Christ.

More than anything I needed that reminder.

This wasn’t my week.
This wasn’t my glory.
This wasn’t my success.

….this was God’s.

Wednesday morning I prayed this prayer…

“Father, you were the one who placed this idea on my heart. You were the one guiding me through everything. I gave this week to you a long time ago, but I’ve taken it back into my own hands. I’m sorry that I’ve been running around like an idiot trying to get everything done. I’m sorry for stealing your glory. I hand you control of this week. I’ve never been in a place where I could fail so miserably. Lord, I ask you to come through and make this week a success! Even if it doesn’t look like what I think it should, it’s in your hands.”

I do not have sufficient words to even begin to describe all that God did!!! I literally just stood back and watched the Lord work all week.

Pro-Life organizations set up tables in the back hallway of DeMoss all week.

Rock For Life sold T-Shirts and other pro-life merchandise, and raised well over $1000.


Some of my friends who stand for life



My incredible friend Sean, who runs the pro-life club on campus called Lifeline also set up a table!


On Wednesday, we had Mike Spencer from the Life Training Institute come and do a session on “Abortion and Apologetics” Students listened for an hour as he discussed how to intelligently discuss the subject of being pro-life from science, philosophy, etc. Then they participated in an in depth question and answer!


After campus church, students participated in a prayer walk!


I had the opportunity to meet Clayton King before church and discuss the week a little bit with him! He was adopted as a baby and lives in North Carolina! I feel like we should be friends!


On Thursday, I had asked Phil Kline to give a talk on “Abortion and the Law”. He gave the best talk I’ve ever heard on abortion! Quickly, he captured everyone’s attention, and held it for well over an hour. Mr. Kline is the former Attorney General from Kansas, and is the only prosecutor to ever obtain abortion clinic records from Planned Parenthood. It was an incredible honor for him to participate in the week!



Friday’s convocation will forever stand as one of my all-time favorite memories. I had asked the entire student body to wear either red or white shirts, depending on their section. One third of the students wore red, to represent the amount of people “missing” due to abortion. I’m going to be honest, even though I had broadcast as much as I knew how, in the back of my mind, I never really expected people to participate. When I arrived to convo on Friday morning, I was blown away. Tears started pouring down my checks as I saw the student body participating!!

I have never been more humbled or in awe of all that the Lord accomplished!!


Johnnie Moore spoke on why Christians should hold life as sacred, and did an excellent job!

The week was ended in the most incredible way ever! Phil Wickham came in for a free concert!! A love offering was taken, and all of the proceeds went directly to the Liberty Godparent Home! The concert was one of the most Christ-centered concert’s I’ve ever attended and Phil shared some of his new songs with us!


I had the privilege of meeting him and chatting with him about the week! He was incredibly gracious and kind!


Best pro-life emphasis week!!!

March For Life – Recap

This past weekend, I was blessed beyond measure to participate in the March For Life in Washington DC. My mind is still trying to process all of the experiences and things that happened, but there is one word that I keep coming back to, and that word is…awesome!

The definition of the word “awesome” is: Extremely impressive; inspiring great admiration; causing awe.

I hope that better words will come in time, but for now, the word “awesome” is all I can seem to come up with. I would like to offer up my humble recap of the March For Life, and I hope it encourages you that there are still countless others in America fighting for the lives of the unborn.


3:45 am…*Beep Beep Beep* Off goes my alarm clock!! I quickly turned it off so that my roommate wouldn’t wake up, and dragged myself to the coffee maker, before showering and getting ready. The weather forecast was below freezing all day in DC, so I put on a pair of leggings, pants, boots, two tank tops, a regular shirt, a cardigan, a coat, a scarf, gloves and a hat!! My body was going to be warm! After getting ready, I made my way to our rendezvous for the bus. There were about 60 students from Liberty University that attended the March For Life. My heart was so happy that there were so many students up at 5:00 am, eager to go walk for the lives of the unborn.

The drive to DC was uneventful. When we arrived, we regrouped and headed to the National Mall, where we were able to get right up to the stage.


Sounds of Liberty, a singing group from LU started off by performing the Star Spangled Banner. Then speaker after speaker came and addressed the crowd! There were speakers ranging from senators and representatives, to a guy who had been born out of rape! Rick Santorum and his family were there and told a story of how a doctor had recommended that they abort their youngest daughter, but they chose life for her! What an inspiration!


My heart was deeply encouraged that the Gospel was proclaimed and preached from the stage by countless speakers!

After about an hour worth of speakers, the crowd began the official “March” to the Supreme Court Building! While we were walking, it began to snow. I’m not gonna lie, my little tail was about to freeze off, but I tried not to think about how cold my body was, because I was surrounded by so many others, who were freezing as well, but we all had one common purpose. The actual walk to the Supreme Court Building took about 2 hours! Many people were carrying signs saying “Defend Life”, “Defund Planned Parenthood”, “Life is Scared” and others! One of the coolest things was walking by the Senate office, and seeing the line of people out the door of people going to talk to their respected representatives to declare to them that Americans hold life as precious!



When we got to the Supreme Court Building, everyone dispersed.



My heart was beyond encouraged when I heard the estimated number of attendees at the March For Life. 500,000! Half a million people showed up in Washington DC to declare to the government, our President, America, and the world that we support LIFE! It was so surreal to be with that many people who all shared the same goal!

I am resolved to work as hard as I possibly can to end legalized abortion. Not on my watch will I simply sit around while babies are being murdered at the hands of the American people!

Choose life – my birth mom did!

My heart was broken this week as I watched the Democratic National Convention, and saw the crowds cheer for “women being allowed to make their own choice over their bodies.” Over 25 speakers indirectly referenced abortion and their outright support for abortion. As I watched the crowds cheer in support of the murder of innocent lives, I wanted to vomit. The topic of the sanctity of human life is extremely near to my heart.

I was born in Bucharest, Romania to a young girl during a time of poverty in the country. Romania had been under communist rule for 44 years, and at the time I was born, they only had their freedom from Nicolae Ceaușescu (the dictator) for a little over a year.

Hardly a day goes by that I am not acutely aware of the Lord’s hand on the events surrounding my birth.

My birth mom chose life for me!

I do not know what she was going through before and during her pregnancy with me, but I do know that she chose to give me life! I do not know my birth mom, but I thank the Lord every day that she did not chose to end my life. Today, I have the two most incredible people on the planet as my parents, and I have more gratitude in my heart that I can ever begin to express.

I am grateful for….

* Being born
* My adoption
* My parents
* My family
* Life

Beloved, life is precious…anyone who tells you otherwise is liar! One of my favorite quotes on this subject is by Ronald Reagan…

“I’ve noticed that everyone that is for abortion has already been born!”

As Christians, we should have a firm stance on life and protecting the unborn. We should go about it with love and our ultimate goal should be to lead others to Christ’s redeeming love in the process. I urge you to take a stand for the sanctity of human life, but to do it in a manner that honors the Lord.

I have been blessed beyond measure. Not only was I given the gift of life, I was given the gift of adoption. My parents also adopted 5 other children from Europe. Other than my Jesus, they are the most dear and precious things in my life…