February Joy Project

February – The shortest month of the year.

Even though this month was short, it was sweet. My calendar wasn’t quite as busy as January, so it was nice to have a bit more of a set schedule. Catch up on my January Joy’s here.

The past few weeks have been bone-chillingly cold, and I’m looking forward to warmer weather and spring time in March!

Here are my daily joys in February!

February joys


I rolled out of bed around 8:30 (which is sleeping in late for me), pulled on a bright sweatshirt, grabbed my Bible and journal and headed into the city to have breakfast with myself and my Father. I’m really an introvert at heart, and need regular time along to think and process.


After spending a few hours along, I headed over to the National Mall to play ultimate Frisbee. I am a horrible Frisbee player, and I’m pretty sure I embarrassed the team that I was playing with, however I didn’t really care too much because I was having so much fun! It was a perfect afternoon!



A friend invited me over to her home and made dinner for me and we spent hours chatting away. It meant so much to me to have her intentionally spend time with me!


Unfortunately I had food poisoning from something I’d eaten the day before, so my day was spent sleeping. I did manage to stay awake long enough to watch the documentary Mitt on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now! It gave a great perspective, and I enjoyed “getting to know” Mitt.



This snapchat from my little brother!



Getting told that I was appreciated at my job


A friend invited me to a show at the Kennedy Center after work. Now, before you go thinking I dropped a buttload of money on a ticket…the Kennedy Center has free shows everyday at 6:00 pm. I headed over to the Center and settled in to listen to a folk group from my hometown in North Carolina perform.


After dinner we dropped by the Swedish Embassy for an art gallery show and then headed to an Indian restaurant for dinner. It was such a refreshing and encouraging evening to be with some sweet sisters in Christ.


I did something that I’d never done before. I met with an elder from my church. This week was one of the toughest I can remember spiritually and emotionally. So I swallowed my pride and sent the e-mail. I’m so glad I did! The time was beneficial, and I left encouraged and with my faith strengthened. You can read more about the cares of my heart this week here.


Spent the day with my sweet friend Lauren. We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factor and spent the afternoon together! I am incredibly blessed to have her in my life!



A conversation with a lady after church encouraged my heart. I sent her an e-mail letting her know that she impacted me!


This message from my Mom…



My Daddy e-mailed me and told me that our family is going to Disney World in May! I literally couldn’t be more excited!

In honor of the upcoming trip, here is a throw back picture my Dad posted on my Facebook!



Today was my adoption day! Twenty-three years ago, my life was forever changed when I was specifically chosen and adopted!



SNOW DAY – enough said!

Also, I had the opportunity to “interview” some guys for a blog post I published on Valentines Day.


Valentines Day

After work, I headed home to get fancied up and put on a pretty dress. Then I met up with some friends for dinner and a movie and a girls night for Valentine’s Day. It was a wonderful evening, and I enjoyed getting to spend it with friends.

I asked various guys the question, “If I could tell ladies one things…”. The purpose was to encourage my Christian sisters with words from their brothers. Read here to see what they had to say.



Caroline (my roommate and I) went ice skating with a group of people from our church. I hadn’t been ice skating in over three years, but thankfully I didn’t fall flat on my face. It was great spending time getting to know people from my church better and have good conversations.


The “war” between my little brother and I about who’s country of origin is better. The Olympics obviously bring out the best in us.



We had the day off because it was president’s day! It’s always refreshing to have a day off, especially on a Monday. My friend and I got together a group of people from church and about 15 of us had dinner together. My church is very unique in the types of conversations that we have, and we all ended up sharing our testimonies. It was encouraging to be reminded of the Lord’s great grace in our lives!


This song…


Spending time with my Savior!



I held a baby that was 8 days old! I’ve never held a baby so little. It was a precious moment.



The weather was in the 50’s


Lauren and I drove down to Lynchburg, VA to visit Liberty University. I had a hair appointment, but we also got to explore the campus a bit, and visit the new library. Let me just tell you, it is gorgeous!




The weather driving back to D.C. was perfect. Great company. Fun playlist. Coffee. Sunroof open.

It was wonderful to visit my alma mater!


I got to have lunch with an adoption attorney. It was so much fun to get to sit down and exchange stories and share a similar passion for adoption. This gentleman and his wife have adopted five children, and both shared their hearts with me over a meal.


I attended a Liberty Alumni Reception in the city, and got to talk with some former professors. It was neat to be able to brag on how great a reputation Liberty has in D.C.


Bible Study at my church. One of the highlights of the week.


Talking to my brother on the phone. He is my best friend on this planet, and I am so thankful to have such a strong man of God as my brother!




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