January Joy Project

January has come and gone – with it, many great memories! Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to writing my December Joys, by the time I carved out time to sit down and write, January was half over. If you’d like to read November’s Joys, you can check them out here.

* This month was exceptionally busy, so be prepared for loads of pictures! *

Here are my daily joys in January!



I ran in 2014 with some fantastic friends! The Cheverly Inn hosted a house party to ring in the new year, and as friends old and new gathered, we celebrated the coming of a new year together!

photo 5-9

photo 2-12

I spent the first day of 2014 with some college friends of mine. We went to the International Spy Museum in D.C., and had a blast walking around the museum learning how to be a spy. Then we walked around Alexandria, Virginia and enjoyed being with old friends!

photo 3-10

photo 4-8


I observed a man showing Christ to a homeless man.

photo 5-10


My friend Bethany came to visit me for the weekend! I was excited :)

photo 2-13

We spend the evening tucked away enjoying each others company and catching up on life.

photo 1-11


The next day, we explored the Museum of Natural History. I love animals, so this museum is right up my ally!

photo 3-11


This made me laugh all day.

photo 4-9

If you have an iphone, ask Siri “what does the fox say”. You’re in for a good laugh!


A friend from out of town came to visit, and we went to an awesome jazz club. Big band music is one of my favorites, and this jazz club was located underground in a cave. Made for a fun atmosphere!

photo 5-11


I started attending a ladies bible study with a group of women from my church. We are all in such different places in life. Some were single and working, some were stay at home moms, some were retired, and everything in between. I’m looking forward to building those relationships more and having some older women in D.C. mentor me!


Ended my day with my favorite Christian author!



Our heat at the Cheverly Inn broke….


So, one of our friends came over and built us a fire, so we set up camp for the night in front of the warmth! There’s never a dull moment!


A lady stopped me while I was having dinner with my roommate just to tell me that she liked my outfit! It’s the small things!


One of my goals for 2014 is to memorize more scripture, and I spent an extended period of time with my Father meditating of one of my favorite Pslams – Psalm 25! (While drinking coffee of course!)

photo 2-14


My church has meals after church (MAC for short) after the evening service on Sunday evenings. I offered to host it at my house, and was told to prepare for approximately 50 people. Since I’m still working on my domestic skills, breakfast for dinner sounded like the perfect menu. Pancakes, eggs and an oatmeal bar with loads of toppings. Everything was going great and I was whipping out pancakes galore, until suddenly the fire alarm went off. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry – thankfully I didn’t do either and got the alarm to quiet down. After our little interruption, things got back to normal. All in all, it was a wonderful evening and I’ll definitely be hosting again!


The kitten printer ran out of ink…

photo 3-12

This had me smiling all day!


I wrote this post on my honest thoughts on birthdays. My heart was still a bit sore after putting those thoughts to paper, and one of my sweet friends allowed me to pour out my thoughts to her, and then prayed over me. I am blessed to have such Godly friends!


My best friend and brother turned 23!

I couldn’t ask for a better friend, encourager, listener, and brother. So thankful for him!

photo 4-10I also had the privilege of helping out at the parenting class with the local crisis pregnancy center. You can read all about it here.


My work took a bunch of pictures using the hashtag #WhyWeMarch and shared them on social media to raise awareness of why we were marching for life. The one I took went a bit viral, ending up on several online news sources.



Snapchats from my brother!



Enjoyed a relaxing afternoon writing at Starbucks between church services.


This sunset….

photo 1-13

Dinner at Persian restaurant with my roommate and a co-worker!

photo 5-12


This week at work was like our super bowl week! We had all of our board members come to D.C. for a board meeting, the LeHayes were in town, we had our 35 year anniversary dinner, the March for Life, and our state directors were in town for leadership training! Our big anniversary dinner was supposed to be held at the Capitol Hill Club, but that morning they called and cancelled due to snow. The office jumped into action and were able to arrange a new location for the VIP reception and dinner!

Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, the founder of Concerned Women for America gave the opening prayer at our dinner

photo 1-14

Rick Santorum was our keynote speaker!

photo 3-13

After the dinner, I was speaking with Dr. Tim LaHaye and thanking him for the ways he’s impacted my life. He was engaged in conversation and I could tell that he truly did love people. At one point in our conversation, he got very serious and grabbed my arm and said, “Young lady, are you married?” I replied that I wasn’t. “Any prospects little lady?” I told him that there weren’t any at the time. He assured me that he would be praying for me!

photo 2-16


When I arrived at the office, I had the sweetest gift waiting for me on my desk.

photo 1-16

The temperatures in D.C. were in the teens, so we bundled up in plenty of layers and headed out! I met up with a dear friend backstage and chatted with her and some of the speakers for a bit before heading out to march!

photo 3-14

photo 2-17

photo 5-14


Sleep. Enough said after the crazy week at work.


My dear friend and former college roommate Lauren and I have birthdays within a week of one another, and we typically celebrate together. This year we decided to do something big for our birthday and we booked ourselves a hotel room at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor. We weren’t sure if we would be living in the same city much longer, so we decided that it was worth it!

photo 4-13

photo 1-17

When they found out that it was our birthday, they upgraded our room. We had this gorgeous view…

photo 4-14

photo 3-16

Celebrating 23 years of life!

photo 5-16

We had a completely perfect stay and birthday together!


Some of my fantastic friends had another incredible day of birthday fun planned for me. I met up with them after lunch and we all hopped into the car and headed for a drive! We arrived at a gorgeous winery in Northern Virginia!

photo 4-15

photo 5-17

What a wonderful afternoon surrounded by great friends!

photo 3-18

After several hours, we all headed out. The girls I was with were told to pick up food for dinner, and I could tell they were stalling. When we arrived home, I was met with a gorgeously decorated house!


photo 5-18

They had decorated one of the tables and written out 23 Reasons Why We Love Chelsea…

photo 4-17

Some of my favorites include…

– We love you because you like to sing your feelings!

– We love you because you can fall asleep anywhere, at anytime!

– We love you because you’re a hashtag-a-holic!

Obviously there were some serious ones, but those were funny!

I am blessed beyond belief with some of God’s best children as my friends!

photo 3-19



Obviously I’d been celebrating all weekend, and my birthday fell on a Monday, so the day was a little more low key. I did receive some beautiful flowers from my family!

photo 5-19


The State of the Union is like a holiday in D.C. There were watch parties galore! I went to one with some co-workers, and we live-tweeted the entire thing!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset29

One of the church members invited me over to her home for dinner. She and her kids had come to my house when I hosted MAC, and the kiddos remembered me as “the pancake lady”, so they made me pancakes. It was such a blessing to be in a families home and to be ministered to in that way!


These kids have stolen my heart!

(Volunteering at parenting classes through the local crisis pregnancy center!)

photo 3-20


I met up with a college friend for dinner and a much needed catch up session. Apparently D.C. has excellent Ethiopian food, and I’ve been wanting to try it. When we arrived, we pondered the menu for the longest time, before deciding on lamb for me, and a vegetarian dish for her! I was so surprised when the food arrived – there was no silver wear to be found! We used our hands to eat the meal. If you enjoy spicy food, I highly recommend it.

photo 4-18

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