Tonight I fell in love…

Tonight I fell in love…


with a handsome guy named Aaron. He had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen and kept staring at me all evening! My heart couldn’t help but fall in love with him the moment I saw him. He captured my attention all evening and I was sad to see him leave.

Aaron is 4 months old and I had the privilege of hanging out with him and about 15 others just like him tonight!


Have you ever done something or been a part of something that you leave and think, “Whoaaaa – God just let me be apart of something so much bigger than myself!” That’s how I feel when volunteering with the local crisis pregnancy center. Tonight I got to hang out with the kiddos while their moms AND dads attended a parenting class. As I was leaving someone thanked me for serving. I was shocked! I’m not the one who served, I’m the one who had the humble privilege of holding babies while their beautiful mothers learned how to be moms.

My heart ached for these young girls as I traveled home tonight. These girl are just barely old enough to be driving cars, yet they have another life they are responsible for.

But then it hit me…..

    They have life!

    They chose life instead of death.

    They chose hope instead of despair.

    They chose good over evil.

Sure, their I know their lives are going to be different with a child; actions have consequences, but I also know that they have a Heavenly Father who simply adores them and their precious little one! Their Heavenly Father will offer love unlike anything they’ve ever experienced, forgiveness from all their sins – past, present and future – and life with Himself.

Beloved, I urge you to go out and show Jesus to a hurting world.

    Maybe it’s holding babies in inner-city D.C.

    Maybe it’s studying to be a pastor to proclaim God’s word from the pulpit.

    Maybe it’s cooking a meal for the homeless. 

    Maybe it’s using your intellect for God’s glory.

    Maybe it’s writing a book that will point others to Jesus.

Whatever it is – just do it!

There is only so much time that we have on this earth, and I don’t know about you, but I plan on spending all of my energies in making Christ known to all people!

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