November Joy Project!

Ah, I know it’s taken me forever to post this, but better late than never right?! I hope you enjoyed my October installment of my Joy Project! In case you missed it, you can catch up here!

Here are my daily “joys” in November!



I had the incredible privilege of going home and surprising my mom for her birthday! The trip had been on my calendar, and I smiled anytime I spoke with my mom. She had no idea, and I was eagerly awaiting the moment when I could surprise her. My dad had set up plans to meet her for lunch, and that’s where the surprise occurred. We both cried and spent a few hours at lunch. It was marvelous!

photo 2


Dinner Date with my little brother!

Ladies… he’s single ;)

photo 4


Spending the weekend with my family was such an incredible treat!

photo 3-1photo 2-2


My friend and I had the privilege of buying a homeless man dinner and having an incredible conversation. He pointed me to Jesus. Read all about the encounter here



Venti Coffee



There is a lady I met while going through training at the crisis pregnancy center (I’m going to be talking about that place a lot!). She and her husband have a ministry and were hosting a banquet. They needed volunteers so Amanda (one of my roommates) and I decided to help out! We had a volunteers meeting and spend about 2 hours after the meeting just hanging out with her and her family! So special!


Dinner and a movie to celebrate our friend’s birthday! We all went to Liberty University together, but didn’t really hang out there. The Lord saw fit to place us all in DC together and I am so incredibly blessed by these girls!

photo 4-2


The song, “Just As I Am”


Some friends from my church invited me to go swing dancing with them, and I quickly said “yes”. I thoroughly swing dancing, and jumped at the opportunity to get to know some people from my church! 

I have the craziest story from that night! Before I met up with my friends at church, I ran into Chipolte quickly to grab dinner. The guy in line started chatting with me, and the line was decently long, so we chatted for about 15 minutes. I briefly mentioned my plans to go swing dancing as we were chatting. After grabbing my food to go, I quickly headed out the door, walked to Capitol Hill Baptist Church and went dancing! About an hour into dancing, the guy from Chipolte walks over and asked me to dance. He said that he was a fool for not getting my number at Chipolte and that he had come to get it. I could not believe that he had driven an hour and paid $20 to come find me! We danced one song and then he asked for my number. I told him that I didn’t give my number out to strangers! I apologized but said that I didn’t know anything about him, and that I was uncomfortable giving my number out. I could tell that I made him mad, but a girl’s gotta stand up for herself!

After the crazy guy left, I had a wonderful evening, dancing, twirling, and swaying to big band music! If you come visit me in DC, I will definitely take you out swing dancing!

photo 2-310

Amanda and I volunteered at our friend’s banquet! It was so much fun to hang out with my roommate and volunteer together!

photo 3-3


I wrote my adoption story for Heroic Media, an international, Christian organization that utilizes media to connect women to the option of adoption as an alternative to abortion.

Check it out here


2 and a half hour conversation with the director of the Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center. She is truly one of the most incredible women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Bible study at Capitol Hill Baptist Church

And yes, that is Trip Lee, the Christian rapper leading bible study…

photo 5-3


Met up with 3 girls from my church for dinner and great conversation. Blessed to begin to know such strong Christian women.


One of the ladies I spoke with on the phone prayed for me!


I headed down to southern Virginia to celebrate my friend Rachel’s birthday. We dressed up and headed outside for a photo shoot! We had a blast taking pictures! Don’t they look like the front of a country album or something?!


P.S. These ladies are some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for!


Officially a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church!

The way membership works is you have to attend 6 membership classes, have an interview with 2 elders and then the church votes on you! They voted me in! Around 7:30 p.m., I received at least a dozen text messages from people welcoming me, inviting me to coffee, etc., and I didn’t even know these people! They were all just being so incredibly sweet and welcoming!



Phone calls with my mom!


I went to an event after work and ran into my sweet friend Ruth!

photo 5-4I got to know Ruth through her brother, and she travels extensively for work and I was so surprised when she texted me earlier that day letting me know that she would be attending the event. She ended up spending the night with me at my home, so we got even more time to spend together! Such a delight!


Our landlords asked if one of us could babysit! I gladly said yes, and welcomed the chance to snuggle with a 6 month old baby for a few hours!

photo 2-521

Received a letter in the mail from my little sister!


Decided to change up my hair and go a bit darker!

photo 4-4

23 & 24

My friend and college roommate came and spent the weekend with me! We went into DC and had lots of adventures! It was such a treat to spend time together! Just like old times!

photo 5-5

photo 2-7One sad thing did happen while we were out and about… some one dropped their brand new phone :(

photo 3-625

Caroline (one of my roommates) and I had a visitor waiting for us when we arrived home from work. Nothing like the wildlife of DC huh?! #Raccoon

photo 1-726

Singing Christmas carols in the car on the way to work – great way to start your morning!


After working half a day, I headed to the airport to fly home for Thanksgiving! The Lord blessed me beyond belief and my plane ticket was kindly paid for by some dear friends. It meant more to me than they will ever know!

photo 1-828

My little brother and I decided that it would be a good idea to run a Turkey Trot in the 25 degree weather the morning of Thanksgiving! We headed over to the race location with plenty of time to snap a few pictures and get read to run!

photo 5-7

Winston-Salem, NC is the home of Krispy Kream doughnuts, and naturally after running the race we headed over for a yummy treat!photo 1-9


Card games. Reading. Hot tea. Movies. Snuggles. = Family time


Met up with my dear friend Melanie at a bakery for a much needed chat! We met when we were 15 in driver’s ed class and have been friends ever since! She’s getting married in May, and I have the honor of standing with her as a bridesmaid! It was such a sweet time of catching up!

photo 2-10photo 3-8

….and that’s all the days in November! Stay tuned for December!

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