Things that are making me smile!

First of all, I want to say a huge “thank you” to all of the incredible support and encouragement I received from my recent post on loneliness. My heart was built up so much. I was reminded that even thought I don’t have a strong community here in DC, there are people that love and care about me! To all of my friends and family – ya’ll mean more to me than I can ever put into words! Thank you for your constant texts/phone calls/encouragement!

Since my last post was on the heavier side, I figured I’d just share some things that are currently making me smile!


It’s the small things…


1) Operation “domestic Chelsea”…


My fairly limited bank account, and my abundance of time has lead me to start learning how to cook  perfect my cooking/baking skills!!


Okay, so spinach isn’t exactly Rachel Ray, but it’s a start!!

Also, I can make a mean banana bread! Seriously, I’m pretty proud of it!


I figured that if I wanna get a man one day – I should learn how to woo him with my cooking skills! They always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right?!




2) The gorgeous farmers market near my office…


Some co-workers and I headed out to take a stroll through a farmers market that is a block away from our office and a block away from the White House! Michelle Obama is known to have shopped there! I would have bought all the flowers if I could! They were practically screaming to be taken home and enjoyed!!


The veggies weren’t too shabby either!!


3) A little bit of home (via pictures from my family!)…


I miss this furry little beast!


These girls are my world! It’s a fact, I have the most gorgeous, sweetest, and basically most awesome sisters ever!


4) This mug…



I’d never been to Anthropology before, and my first “DC” friend, Rachel made me promise that I’d wait and go with her. Well the other night, Rachel and I were grabbing dinner and she showed up with a gift bag and this incredibly cute mug in it. I swear it makes coffee taste better, if that was even possible!!


5) Morning Texts from my brother…


When I left home, Nicholas told me that he was going to text me every morning, and he has kept that promise! I look forward to keeping in touch with him, even if it’s just a short text or two in the morning because we’re both so busy! My current life goal is to find my brother a great woman. (Applications currently being accepted!



6) The road trip I’m currently planning…



Maybe I’m dreaming a little bit, but how gorgeous are those mountains?! One day I plan on buying a jeep wrangler, loading up and driving across the country. Yes, I know gas prices are outrageous, but I wanna see this great country I call home!


7) This video…


Somehow I stumbled upon this video at work the other day and decided to watch it. I didn’t know what to expect, and ended up sitting at my desk with tears pouring down my cheeks! Maybe it was the fact that I was worn out and a tad more emotional than usual, but if you have a few minutes, watch this video! Such a precious love story!



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