Monday Musings – DC adventures

Happy Monday!!


Today was definitely a Monday from the fact that I rolled out of bed 45 minutes late, to the fact that I ran the half mile to the metro, and finished getting ready at the metro stop! Picture me pinning back my hair, putting on the rest of my jewelry, and changing into my work shoes (aka heels that I can’t easily prance around in). When I got to work (by way of Starbucks), the first thing I did was spill my coffee all over my desk! Instead of sitting down to cry like I felt like doing, I ran and grabbed a towel, cleaned up my mess and decided that…

Today was going to be a great day!


And aside from the fact that I didn’t have my favorite drink pumping through my veins, it was a good day!




Okay, enough about that! How about some pictures about my current adventures in DC?

Last weekend, my roommate and some of her friends decided to take me around the city! As much as I love this place, I haven’t really seen that much of it, so we headed down to the Library of Congress!


Unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there!

But don’t worry, we still had fun…

Isn’t this what everyone does at the Library of Congress?!

Library 2


After having a little fun at the Library of Congress, we descended the steps and came upon a beautiful fountain! Of course we had to make wishes while there…






My wish was to be the First Lady one day!

I took myself to the American History museum this week (all by my onsies), and saw all of the gorgeous gowns that the First Ladies get to wear! So, I decided that I want to be a First Lady! I can never be president, because I wasn’t born in the United States, so I decided that First Lady will have to do!


Then, I paid a visit to my favorite building in DC….


The Capitol


Everytime I see this building, I get chills and suddenly loose all words! It is spectacular!!

Also, I’m secretly hoping that one day the government decides to allow me to use it for my own personal house! Guess I’d better go back to my wishing fountain!

Speaking of homes…I found a little piece of my home around DC! I’m sure I looked like an idiot as I ran across the street to snap a picture, but my heart was so happy to see the words, “North Carolina”dc3

Something amazing happened this week…

I saw DC at night!!!


Before I came here, everyone told me that I had to see the memorials at night, but I hadn’t had a chance to see them yet. Last week, I strolled around the sights at night while drinking in all of their beauty!




Oh, and I found North Carolina again!!




I could practically hear President Lincoln calling my name, so I had to go visit him!







If you ever come to visit DC, take my advice and go see these incredible sights at night! You won’t be sorry!


This next picture made me chuckle! There are two guys in the office building across the street that came outside today and tossed a football back and forth!! I was a creeper and took a picture!!


Also, while I was on hold today, I snapped a picture of myself so you will all know what I look like at work (cuz clearly that is important! :p)




I hope ya’ll enjoy my weekly “updates” on my life! Have a fantastic day!




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