First week in DC!

Hello from our nation’s capital!!




Well…I’ve been in the city for a full week!

Last Friday, I said good bye to my siblings! My family is the most important thing to me, and I had a difficult time as I gave them each hugs and climbed into the car to drive away!




The drive up to DC was rather uneventful, my mom and I chatted most of the way up! Once we reached the house where I’m living, the girls immediately came out and welcomed me and helped me move it! I’m living with 3 other girls, and we all went to Liberty! Crazy how God brings people back together!

Here’s a picture of my new house!


With so many people’s help, moving in was a breeze! I’m sharing a room with a friend, so I set up my half of the room!

Not the best picture, but this is what my little corner of home looks like!


And yes, I did bring my childhood stuffed monkey with me! Where I go…Pinky goes!

I hit the ground running the weekend I moved in, because one of the girls in my house was celebrating her birthday! A group of us headed over to another friends house to spend the afternoon together!


Later, we all came back to the house, and one of the guys that they knew had turned our backyard into a Pinterest explosion!

Seriously, now gorgeous is this?!






We all ate dinner outside and enjoyed the beauty until rain drove us back inside. 

The next day, my roommate and I ventured out to try a church that had been recommended to me by a lot of people! Capitol Hill Baptist Church


Isn’t this place gorgeous?



I was throughly impressed with the church! The preaching was solid, and Mark Dever (the senior pastor, who also wrote the book 9 Marks) reminded me a lot of Tim Keller! I ended up attending the bible study on wednesday night. I was hoping to meet some people there, but had somewhere to be right after, so I couldn’t stay and meet people! But I definitely plan on going back!!

After church, Caroline (my roommate) and I headed over to Georgetown! I’d never been and we were meeting up with some people for lunch! We ate at an adorable place called Dean and Duluca!

twitter-thumbnailAfter lunch, we walked around and did some shopping! 

Then….we went to Georgetown Cupcake!

IMG_3920 IMG_3921


I got a red velvet cupcake and it was heavenly! 




First day at my big girl job:

Let me just start off by saying that I have the world’s most incredible friends, and have been surrounded with nothing but support and encouragement! Monday morning, my phone blew up with kind words from friends and family!

I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8:00 am for my first day of work! The first few days were mostly training, but on Thursday and Friday, I had actual work that I could begin doing! I absolutely love my job so far! Everyone at the office has been sweet to me and I’m beginning to get a feel for the office!


This post is long and I apologize for that! I wanted to give everyone an update on how I’m doing! Several people have asked how I’m doing, and I’m doing good! I truly mean that, I’m doing quite well! I think I expected to have a huge breakdown (and that might happen later down the road) but right now, I’m enjoying getting to explore the city! 


If anyone has any recommendations on what to see and do in DC (other than the obvious) I’d love your suggestions!





2 thoughts on “First week in DC!

  1. It’s so good to hear you liked Capitol Hill Baptist…it’s within walking distance of our apartment and the first church I plan on visiting! Ryan recommended it, too. Glad to hear you’re liking DC!

    -Michelle Willauer

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