Monday Musings – Facelift for my “baby”

As you might have noticed, this blog recently got a facelift!

I decided that it was high time to redesign my baby. To be honest, I’d never really given too much thought into the appearance of the blog, I’d more or less just written. But I thought that I should spice up the aesthetics a little bit too!


As you know, there are a lot of changes happening in my life right now, and I’d like to use this blog to keep up on my life. I love to write, and this is the perfect way to continue to use a passion, while allowing you a peek inside the next chapter of my life!

Monday Musings are something I started a few months ago for several reasons:

1) To brighten up Mondays.

Let’s face it, not too many of us like Mondays, so I thought I would do a weekly blog post specifically on Mondays in order to hopefully brighten your day!

2) To be used as an “update” on me

A lot of what I tend to write on here is spiritual in nature, and what the Lord is teaching me, so on “Monday Musings” I take some time to update you on my life and what’s been going on!

3) House my a random collection of thoughts

Sometimes my life just isn’t “news worthy” so some Monday’s will just be for fun – pictures, music I’ve been enjoying, an occasional cheesy joke or two!

I promise to try my hardest to keep “Monday Musings” a weekly occurrence!

So, buckle up for this week’s installment of Monday Musings…

1) First things first

Princess Kate had a baby boy today!!


It’s a bit pathetic how excited I got when I heard the news! I feel like I’m a part of their fairy tale because I watched Princess Kate and Prince William’s wedding and now I get to celebrate the birth of their baby from across the pond!

2) I HATE packing!

…but really, it’s the worst!

Packing according to Pinterest…



Packing in reality… ( at least Chelsea style!)









Don’t judge!

If I could just snap my fingers and be completely packed, believe me, I would! But alias, I’m busy dealing with a room that looks like a bomb went off! Usually I am an organized person, but not of late. Don’t worry future roommates, I will be tidy for you!

3) Saying “See you later” is hard!

Another one of my lovely traits, I hate to say goodbye.

I would rather just leave without saying goodbye because it hurts my heart so much to bid my friends and family goodbye. But I know that’s not the way I should go about things, so these past few days and the days leading up to my departure have been filled with many “see you laters”.

I refuse to say the words “goodbye”, because I’m not leaving people’s lives, I am merely relocating. Distance doesn’t determine the quality of a relationship!


Well…that’s all for today!

I hope you’ve all throughly enjoyed today and will have a fantastic week!



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