The Burden Bearer…

Well…it finally hit me that I’m moving! Until now the fact that I’m moving to DC felt completely surreal. People have asked me how I felt about it and I’ve kept saying that I’m excited, but inwardly, I knew that it hadn’t actually sunk in that I was moving!

But today, my last weekend at home, it “hit” me.

There are many emotions going on in my heart right now. A big part of me is absolutely thrilled to be moving to one of my favorite cities, to work for a fantastic organization, and begin a new adventure. The Lord has worked out every detail of this next chapter of my life, so there is no doubt in my mind that this is where I’m supposed to be.

But if I’m completely honest, I’m overwhelmed!

I’ll spare you all the details of why my heart is overwhelmed. Not only is my move on the forefront of my mind, there are also other things in my life that have been weighing heavy on my heart. Knowing that I couldn’t keep myself together for too much longer, I grabbed my Bible, journal and a cup of tea and headed outside.



As the tears flowed down my cheeks, I cried out to the Lord.


There are more burdens on my heart than I can bear. 

My Father gently reminded me through His word that I do not have to bear the burdens I’ve been carrying around on my own strength. My eyes poured over the Psalms as I read over and over about how the Lord is my refuge and my strength.

Beloved, I don’t know where life finds you.

Maybe you’re on the mountaintop of your life, or maybe you’re journeying through a valley. Wherever you may be, I charge you to remember that if you are God’s child, you do not have to walk through this life on your own strength!

God has granted you all of heaven’s resources if you simply ask Him. He is our great Father, and He delights in being the strength and defender of His children. Press into Him. 

I know I’m going to be okay, because I have the Lord at my side. Yes, there are things in my life that hurt me, and there are going to be times when I want to just throw up my hands and quit. But as long as the Lord is my main focus, and my gaze is fixed firmly upon Him, nothing can shake me!

The following words from Frances Roberts encouraged my soul.


I have anticipated your dependence on Me

O My child, give Me your heart, for out of it issues life. My hand is upon you, and I will keep you in all places wherever you go. I am your God, and I am your Father, and I will care for you and provide for you according to all that you need. i will be at your side, ready to help you whenever you call on Me. i am not unmindful of your needs, and My concern is for you.



You do not need to carry your own load, for I will be happy to help you carry it and to bear you up, as well. You do not walk alone or meet any situation along, for I am with you, and I will give you wisdom and strength, and My blessings shall be yours. Keep your heart set on Me and your affections on things above.


Do not wait to feel worthy, for no one is worthy of My blessings. My grace bypasses your shortcomings, and I give to My children because they ask of Me and because I love them; I do not love one more than another. I give most liberally to those who ask the most of Me, for I love to have you depend on Me. This is why the Spirit within you cried, “Abba-Father.” As your Father, I anticipate your dependence on Me. You may mature and outgrow your dependence on your human parents, but as My child, you will never “outgrow” your spiritual sonship, nor will I ever cast you out to rely on your own resources.


Heaven’s recourses are at your command, and you need never want, so long as I am your Shepherd. Do not think that since I know all about you, you need not bother to tell Me. It is true that I know, but you need to tell Me so that in telling, you may experience the release of an open heart, and the fellowship of a Father





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