Moving to Washington DC!

I have some exciting news….

I recently accepted a position in Washington DC and I will be moving next week!!


Okay, how about a few details?!


While I was at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference a few weeks ago (Read about about it here ), I ran into one of my friends who works at an organization called Concerned Women for America. We were chatting and she mentioned that they were hiring, and that I would be perfect for the job! My friend called her boss, and we ended up dropping by the office while I was there. I chatted with my friends boss for about 45 minutes and then we headed back to the conference. I sent CWA my resume and then didn’t think too much more about it. Several weeks later, I was contacted for a formal interview!

My dad and I made a day trip up to DC  for the interview (I do not recommend driving 6 hours there and back in the same day!)


Once in the city, we grabbed a cup of coffee while I gathered my thoughts! Daddy prayed with me and then I headed up for the interview!


I was offered the position while in the interview!!

We discussed job details, but I was on cloud 9 the entire time and took mental notes while grinning from ear to ear! After I left the interview, I rush down to tell Daddy the good news and to call home! 



So, where will I be working?!



Concerned Women for America is a US coalition of conservative women which promotes Biblical values and family traditions.

I’m incredibly excited to be working for an organization that holds Biblical values dear! My official job title is “Field Development Coordinator”. CWA has states chapters, and I’m responsible for building relationships with the leaders and raising up new state directors!


Other Details

I’ll be moving next Friday!

Even as I type those words, I can hardly believe it! It still hasn’t hit me yet!

I am thrilled to be moving to a city that I love so much, and this job is going to be amazing…


If I’m completely honest, I’m terrified!

I mean, I’m about to leave…

– My family

– My state

– My friends

– My church

….my comfort zone

and I’ll be transiting to…

– Starting new job

– Moving to a completely new city

– Living in a new home

– Building new relationships

– Creating a new routine

– Finding a new church

… etc.

This transition is bittersweet, but I have been meditating on one of my favorite Psalms and the Lord has filled my mind with truth!




The Lord will be with me, so I’ll be okay! Yes, there will be tears because it’s going to be an adjustment, but my Heavenly Father has promised never to leave or forsake me!

So here’s to the next journey in life!




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