Adoption – Ordained by God

I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could before the tears started pouring down my cheeks. Once inside the bathroom, I sat down and wept. A few moments earlier, some words had been spoken that had cut into my heart like a knife. Someone had been explaining what an orphanage was to some children and said some extremely hurtful and insensitive things concerning adoption. Not only did the words sting my heart, there were also a few other adopted children within earshot of the discussion.

As I cried in the bathroom, it hit me like a ton of bricks….

Not everyone

….views adoption in the same way that I do!

….views it as precious or mandated by God!

….views adopted children as equal to biological children

….views orphans as people deserving our love

To me, being adopted is the greatest gift I could ever imagine receiving apart from my salvation. Being adopted is a part of my identity, because not only have I been adopted physically, I have also been adopted spiritually by my Heavenly Father! Because I am adopted, I feel as if I can understand the Lord’s adoption in a more unique way than most people!


While I was trying to compose myself in the bathroom this afternoon, my heart filled with anger,

Familiar feelings flooded my heart…

I am unwanted

– I am worthless

– I am a mistake

– Even though I’m adopted, I’m still different than everyone else

I wanted so much to march out and let the lady know how inappropriate her comments were and to set her straight! Instead, I quickly prayed that the Lord would calm my heart down until I could spend some time laying my emotions before Him.


Later this afternoon, I was able to get some time alone and sort out my feelings before the throne. I told the Lord how much that woman’s words affected me, and the lies that Satan told me. My heart had foolishly allowed a few careless words to cut me to the core and hurt me. The Lord sweetly began to remind me of truth!

This is what the Lord says, and this is what I choose to believe…

– I am chosen!

– My life has purpose!

– The circumstances surrounding my birth do not define me!

– I am who the Lord says I am!

– The Lord chose to use adoption to display His glory!

Dear reader, I encourage you to promote adoption and to talk about it in light of the Gospel. One of my favorite quotes about adoption is

“The Gospel is not a picture of adoption, adoption is a picture of the Gospel.” – John Piper

Each life matters. Each orphan matters. Each adoption matters.

It all matters, because God values each life, each orphan, each adoption.

Love knows no borders. Love knows no colors.


I’ll be honest, my heart is still stinging a little bit tonight. But I am making the conscious decision to trust in the Lord. I am trusting that what He says about me is truth.

Watch this video on adoption, it is one of my all-time favorites!

I Like Adoption


4 thoughts on “Adoption – Ordained by God

  1. As long as the parents who adopt aren’t gay… am I right?

    I have no idea why being adopted would be considered a stigma. I realize people struggle with it, but it just seems so incidental. You are the son or daughter of the people who raise you.

    Anyway…I am fascinated by your weird ultra religious world. It is literally the exact opposit of mine.

    • Stephen, I apologize that it has taken me awhile to reply to your comment! Anyways, the way I see it is, adoption is sometimes looked down upon because the child isn’t biologically related to the parent, and sometimes that child isn’t as accepted as a biological child! Make sense?

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