Monday Musings – Life Lately!

Hello all!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Monday Musing” post, and I find that these are the easiest ways to give updates on my life. So, here we go!

June has turned out to be a pretty crazy!


This past Friday, one of my friends called me up and said that she was going to be in Charlotte, and would I like to get together and chat for a little bit. A few weeks ago, I had emailed this friend, asking for some career advice, and she was in town, so instead of talking on the phone, she suggested that we just meet up. The reason she was in town was because she works for the Faith & Freedom Coalition, and they were a part of the North Carolina GOP convention. When she called, she mentioned that she could get me in to the State Dinner and the prayer breakfast the next morning. Immediately, I said that I would love to attend!

Saturday afternoon, I made a pit stop to grab a Venti iced coffee. (Ask for an iced coffee with a shot of vanilla and a little bit of cream! So tasty!)


With my coffee in hand, I put on some tunes, and headed off to Charlotte. I love road trips and throughly enjoyed the drive! When I arrived in Charlotte, I parked, made my way inside and headed straight for the bathroom to fix myself up a little bit – my car’s air condition isn’t working very well, and it was about 80 outside.

This was my outfit of choice for the evening, nothing too crazy, but I much prefer to look classy!


After making sure that I looked presentable, I headed to the lobby to wait for my friend. There was a comic book hero conference going on (don’t ask, I have no idea what they do!), but I was provided with plenty of entertainment while waiting. Once my friend showed up, we chatted for about half an hour, then she looked at her phone and declared that it was time to go to a reception. I followed her to a small room where there were about 10 people mulling around. There was a man with a camera, and it was obvious that we were all waiting on someone to show up. Low and behold, we were waiting on Karl Rove, the keynote speaker for dinner to arrive.

Karl Rove was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to George W. Bush. Being heavily interested in politics, I was thrilled to have the privilege of being a part of this small reception for him. When he walked in, he immediately began shaking people’s hands, asking for their names, and carrying on a brief conversation.


We chatted for a few moments before he turned his attention to the next person. But then it was time for pictures, and he graciously took as many pictures as everyone wanted. His autobiography was passed around, and I had my copy signed for my dad, because he’s a huge admirer.


Mr. Rove could not have been more gracious or kind. He made me feel like I was catching up with an old friend instead of meeting a celebrity! After chatting with everyone for a little while, it was time for all of us to head to dinner.


Mr. Rove gave the keynote speech, and discussed a wide span of issues, from conservative morals to taxes. I was engrossed in his talk, and throughly enjoyed every minute of the evening.


I was back at the hotel bright and early the next morning for the prayer breakfast. When I arrived, I was informed that I would be sitting at the same table as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar – the keynote speakers for the prayer breakfast. I was lead to my seat and able to snag a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Duggar before the breakfast began!


For most of the breakfast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Duggar! They were two of the sweetest and most authentic people I’ve ever met. I felt like I was just chatting with my parents because they asked me questions, and had a genuine interest. I told Mrs. Duggar that there are 6 children in my family, and that we were all homeschooled growing up. I ended up sharing a lot of my story with them (being born in Romania, adopted siblings, etc.) Then, it was their turn to address everyone at the breakfast! They shared part of their story and encouraged everyone to trust the Lord, even when life circumstances aren’t easy!


After the breakfast, I chatted with them for a little while longer about our shared passion of being pro-life. Mr. Duggar asked for my business card and said that he would contact me with more information about the Heartbeat Bill he’s crafted.

The entire weekend was absolutely incredible! I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to meet some of the people that I did. I am very grateful and humbled to have attended the events and had the conversations I did with people!

Next up on my agenda is putting the finishing touches on VBS at my church, and then I’m headed to speak at a conference in DC this weekend!!

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, all I had with me was my iphone!


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