Life as a college graduate!

It’s been over 2 weeks since I graduated from Liberty! I hit the ground running and began working two days after arriving at home. Things have been busy because I’m working two jobs and haven’t really had time to sit down and breathe. But I’ve finally allowed myself a few moments to process my feelings towards graduating, how life has changed, and a few other general musings!

I’m currently sipping on my all time favorite kind of tea…even though it’s 80 degrees in North Carolina right now!


Graduation day was one of the coolest day so my life to date. I had the incredible privilege of speaking at my own commencement! My senior year, I served as the Senior Class President, and part of my role was to create, plan and execute the Senior Class Gift. At commencement, I got to present the class gift to the school. My speech was written about 2 weeks beforehand, and I had to submit it for review. The day before graduation myself, my Vice President, and the student body president all went through a run through and got everything nailed down.



The next morning, we processed in with all of the graduates, but then went back stage to wait, because we sat on stage for all of the commencement ceremony. After waiting for about 20 minutes, all of the VIPs arrived and everyone lined up and we all went on stage.

We managed to get a few pictures backstage!



Surprisingly, I wasn’t too nervous yet, and settled in and enjoyed Ravi Zacharias give a charge to the seniors and Shannon Bream give the commencement address.


After Sounds of Liberty performed, we were up! My friend Chad (student body president) introduced me.


While he was speaking, I got extremely nervous and thought “Man, I’m about to speak to 40,000 people! As soon as Chad was finished with his introduction, I stepped up to the podium. My speech was written out in front of me, but I choose to use the teleprompter instead! I’d never used one before, but thankfully I didn’t have too much difficulty getting used to it! There was a time or two when I stumbled over my words, but other than that, it went fantastic!!



We presented the check to Chancellor Falwell, paused for pictures, and then I was headed back to my chair.


Chancellor Falwell stopped me and asked me to tell everyone the story of one of my professors who had known about my car accident and ended up writing me a check to help me out! So, I ended up giving an impromptu speech as well! Hopefully not too many people picked up on the fact that it wasn’t planned!


So, how have I felt as a recent college graduate?

Well, to be honest, I don’t really feel any different.

I expected….

-There to be a magical epiphany when I graduated.
Instead, I still feel like the same 22 year old Chelsea.

-To have a “grown up” job, with benefits and insurance, etc.
Instead, I’m working two jobs at home. (But I’m completely fine with that because I enjoy both!)

-To move to a new city and have my own apartment.
Instead, I’m living at home. Once again, I’m okay with this for the time being, because I can live with my family and save some money!

-To be in a relationship and be getting married in a year or two.
Instead, I’m single as they come!

While some of my expectations weren’t met, I’ve learned that it’s okay!

The Lord is teaching me that His ways are higher.

His timing is not my timing.

My soul will find rest in Him alone.

Even though my expectations have not come into fruition, that is not what the Lord saw fit.


Things that have been difficult since graduating:

– Community has changed drastically. At Liberty, I was an RA over 55 girls, and could easily text a number of people to go on a walk with me, or share a meal together. At home, I don’t really have too many close friends, and because I’ve been working so much, I haven’t really had the chance to build a community. I’m not gonna lie, this has been the hardest thing. I have been very lonely. But I keep praying that The Lord will teach me things through this season of my life, and I am seeking out community.

– Feeling like I should be at a different place than I am right now. I feel like I should have it all together. But like I said above, I am constantly bringing these feelings before the Lord and surrendering them to Him. Beth Moore once said, “The problem with a living sacrifice is that it keeps crawling off the altar.” I couldn’t agree more. Each morning, I tell the Lord that He has control over my day, and over my life, but by noon, I’ve got the day back in my own little hands working out things how I think they should go. Oh, thank goodness that the Lord is so patient with me!

So, here I am in good ‘ole North Carolina. True, things haven’t played out right now how I thought they would, but that’s okay! My hope and trust lies in my Beloved Father, and I know that wherever I go, whatever I do, or wherever circumstances may find me…

He Remains Unchanging

For Now…

I’m on an adventure!



One thought on “Life as a college graduate!

  1. Chelsea, you write really well. I enjoyed reading this. And that’s pretty huge you had the opportunity to speak to the graduating class. Nice workkk! I can really relate to you in your section about what has been difficult since you’ve graduated. I’ve experienced and am experiencing both of those things, even though I haven’t graduated. Thanks for the encouragement, and thank you for pointing to Christ, our Lord and our Savior. Take care..

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