Monday Musings – My perfect day!

Today began my last full week of classes as an undergrad. It is very bittersweet! Truth be told, it’s a lot more bitter than sweet right now. Seeing as my heart is extremely full of different emotions, I decided I would share what my perfect day looks like!

First, I would have a pile of books surrounding me


While I am immersed in a book, naturally a giant cup of coffee at my side…


I would sneak off to a private place like this…


This little guy would be my companion for the day…
(Because I’m really an introvert)


A stroll through the wildflowers is a must…


Then I would walk to the beach (because in my perfect day, I would be near the beach) and watch God paint the sky…


To end my day, I would soak myself in a bath…


This guy would provide the soundtrack for my “perfect” day…
Damien Rice…



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