“Your joy may be full!”

I sank onto my knees in one of my very favorite place on campus – the prayer chapel.


Isn’t it gorgeous?!

That place is so dear to my heart because it holds some of my sweetest and most difficult moments with the Lord.

-News that forever changed my life.
-Pleaded with the Lord for unsaved family members.
-Asked the Lord to restore things that were lost.
-To heal me.
-Sat in awe of my Heavenly Father.
-Worshiped with other believers.
-Had strangers pray over me.

Recently, I jogged to the prayer chapel and when I entered the building, I was delighted to find that there was no one else there! (Not that I wasn’t happy no one else was praying, I was happy to have the whole place to myself!) There is a piano in one corner, and I headed over to it, and quietly began playing one of my favorite hymns

“It is well with my soul”


I sang the words over and over to my Father. As my voice began to quiet, the tears began to fall. That is when I slipped onto my knees in front of a cross that’s placed in the front of the room. I began to pour out my heart to the Lord. Since there was no one else in the room, I prayed out loud. If you’ve never done this (praying in groups doesn’t count!) I strongly suggest it!

My Father heard all of the cares and worries that I don’t want to burden other people with. I told Him what has been making my heart heavy and sad recently.

“O God, I cling with feeble fingers to the ledge of your great grace.” -Piper

Beloved, in the few hours I spent with the Lord on my face before Him, He never promised to take away the difficult circumstances in my life. However He promised to give me joy in Himself.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” – John 15:11


My joy can only be complete in the Lord. Apart from Him, there is no joy. He doesn’t merely give me joy, He is my joy!!

“It would not be fully gracious of Jesus simply to increase my joy to its final limit and then leave me short of his. Christ not only offers himself as the divine object of my joy, but pours his capacity for joy inot me, so that I can enjoy him with the very joy of God.” – Piper

Dear Ones…

Seek the joy that can be found only in the Father! Trust me, absolutely nothing else compares to it.

Will the journey be difficult? You bet!
Will you feel like giving up? Mmhmm!


Will everlasting and deeply satisfying joy with the Father be worth it all? I could write for the rest of my days, and never have enough words to say how worth it Christ is!

Keep pressing on! The Lord has great things planned for your life, it might not look like you think it should, but His promise is this…

Your Joy Will Be Full In Me!


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