Hope in 2013!!!

Happy New Year!!!


I cannot believe that 2013 is here already!!! Typically, I reflect on the past year as I began preparing for the year ahead, and this year was no different!

Here are some highlights of the past year:

* Meeting Yulia (from the Ukraine) and see her story in our lives unfold.

* Interning at my church.

* Getting elected Senior Class President.

* Witnessing my best friend marry the love of her life.

* My brother getting to play college baseball.

* Participating in ministry at Liberty University.

* Continuing to work on the book that the Lord has asked me to write

While this year has been absolutely incredible in a lot of aspects, it has also been a very hard year for some very personal reasons. I would prefer not to discuss them right now, but know that this year has not been without its share of tears!

I realized that as I reflect, and make lists of my highlights and lowlights, they are all based on circumstances. While it is definitely okay to celebrate good things in life, and mourn the difficult things (Ecclesiastes discusses this in 3:1-8), but ultimately 2012 was a fantastic year because the Lord was with me….

The Lord was faithful to me.

The Lord upheld His promises.

The Lord was good.

The Lord never left me.

The Lord reigned glorious.

At the end of a day, and at the end of a year, God is still God, and God is still good. While circumstances go up and down, my hope is deeply rooted in a God who promises never to leave and never to change, and that my Beloved some thing that should encourage our hearts tremendously!! Looking pack over 2012…if you have regrets, disappointments, and it wasn’t what you were expecting…take heart! Christ is greater than the past year. If you are filled with fear looking into a new year, filled with many unknowns, remember Christ is already in 2013. He is the one who goes before you and paves the way!!

On a different note…here’s how I rung in 2013!!

With these guys…


I found out that the Avett Brothers would be in Greensboro on New Years Eve, and I really like them. So, I got my shift at work covered, hollered at a friend and we quickly purchased concert tickets and headed to Greensboro!!


The concert started at around 8:45 and went until around 12:30!


It was absolutely fantastic!!! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go!!


Amos Lee was also a special guest…



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