We have a Savior!!

Two days until Christmas!


Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons…

Being home with the family
Crisp winter season
Lights and decorations
People are typically more cheerful


Honestly, I can get so easily lost in all of the hustle and bustle and forget to slow down and remember what Christmas is truly about! This Christmas season, I’ve been going through John Piper’s reflection on the Advent season. (You can find it here) The word “advent” literally means “The arrival or beginning of a person/event.” The days leading up to Christmas day are known as the advent season, and they are a time where Christians should pause and reflect on the coming of Christ into the world.

The eyes of my heart have been opened to the beauty of my Beloved Jesus like never before this year. Typically, I focus on the birth of Jesus (there is nothing wrong with this at all), but my attention does not leave this event. The Lord has shown me over and over that the reason that Christ had to come, live and die was to save me from my wickedness and my sin. There was no other way for me to be reconciled to the Father apart from Jesus.

“Christmas is an indictment before it becomes a delight. It will not have its intended effect until we feel despertly the need for a Savior.” – Piper

Beloved, everything in the Christmas “stories” that we typically read intentionally this time of year – Mary and Joseph, King Herod, the Angels, the Shepherds, the Wise Men, Christ’s birth, the Stable, the Inn, etc. – all of it points to Christ and to the fact that He sovereignty stepped down into humanity, wrapped in human flesh, born of a virgin to save us. Oh may we grasp the incredible beauty of this season! May our hearts be inclined to worship Christ like never before!!

We have a Savior!!!

we have a savior

“Christmas is telling you that you could never get to heaven on your own. God had to come to you.” – Tim Keller

That tiny baby in the manger that we celebrate should direct our attention to the man who died on the cross 33 years later in order to save us! I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, find a quite spot for a couple of hours, and read over the “Christmas Story” in light of Christ being the Savior, not just a little baby. I assure you that you will not be able to read it the same!!

Dear One, my prayer for myself and for you is that Christ will reign glorious during this Christmas season. May we see Him for who He truly is – the Savior and Rescuer of our souls, and the King of our lives.

This song by Hillsong has been on repeat over the past month, and ties in perfectly with what I’ve been meditating on.

Merry Christmas!!!


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