Monday Musings…Things that are making me smile!!

It is (almost) finished!!

I’m finished with all of my residential finals!! Praise the Lord!! However, I’m taking a philosophy class online and that doesn’t finish until next Monday. You better believe I will be finishing up all of that work before I go home on Friday!! Last night was pretty brutal, I was up super late, and back up at 5:30 am…all in the name of studying for my hardest exam. American Foreign Policy! I suppose you know you’ve studied well when you dreamt that you are a diplomat on your way to Russian and China to talk them out of communism!

I wanted to share a lighter post today, mainly because my brain is exhausted and anything deeper I tried to write wouldn’t come out how I want.

So…here are some things that are making me smile this week!!

1) If you haven’t heard of this website, you are going to fall in love with it. I get on every now and then, and spend an hour or so just listening to, and downloading music!


NoiseTrade is a completely free and legal website where artists upload their music for our listening pleasure!! There is some incredibly good stuff. If you need recommendations, feel free to comment and I can give you lots!!

2) I was recently on NoiseTrade and discovered that Ben Rector has a Christmas album!!!

jingle and bells

Yes, the Christmas season just got 10 times happier thanks to the wonderful tunes from Mr. Rector. You can go download this album here!

If you’ve never heard of Ben Rector, stop reading this and go look him up…your ears will thank you! I had the pleasure of hearing him in concert with Need To Breathe last year! Here’s a link to his website, and here’s one of my favorites by him!


3) One of my favorite things about finals week is that no body judges the amount of coffee that I drink, because suddenly it becomes socially acceptable for everyone to drink 5-6 cups of it! Little does the world know, that is my normal daily intake!


4) This Friday, precisely at noon, my little ole self will be in a car, headed to my favorite place in the world…home!


Since I don’t have a car at school, my Daddy always comes to pick me up! We’ve had a tradition ever since Freshmen year. Whenever he comes to get me, we always stop and get a cup of coffee for the drive home.


Then, I’ll either yap the entire way home or sleep because I am so exhausted!

5) These ladies!!

I have the incredible privilege of working and serving with the most incredible ladies at Liberty University! They bless me more than they will ever know!



What is making you smile this week??



One thought on “Monday Musings…Things that are making me smile!!

  1. That “survey” is pure propaganda Jihad. The BBC report mentioned “Dalia Mogahed of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies and co-author of the report”. This is the same Dalia Mogahed who, together with Ispoga-alolomist John Esposito, had published an earlier “survey” that massaged the numbers to whitewash Islam. This is also the same Dalia Mogahed who was recently picked by Obama to be his advisor on Islamic affairs.

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