Monday Musings….last “official” monday of the semester!!

Whew…the past week has been absolutely insane!!! Today is the last “official” Monday of the semester!! This time next week, I’ll be completely done with finals!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

Life has been so busy with Senior Class President stuff recently, but I truly count it a privilege to serve as president! I have so much fun and I’ve had some really neat experiences!! This past Saturday, I helped plan and put on an event called, “The Ladies of Liberty”. It was specifically for the ladies at Liberty (as the name clearly states!) We had invited some of the prominent ladies, like Mrs. Becki Falwell (our chancellor’s wife), Mrs. Ruth Towns (the wife of the co-founder) and about 4 or 5 others! The admission to the event was an article of gently used clothing to go the the Liberty Godparent Home, which is a place where girls can go if they get pregnant and need somewhere to take care of them. One of our BIG draws was a drawing where girls could meet and get a picture with the one and only…Tim Tebow!!! He’s coming to speak in convocation in March!! We ended up raising approximately $700 to go towards “Restore Rwanda”, which is a project that Liberty is doing in the country of Rwanda!!!

The event was held in the beautiful new welcome center…


The event featured free hair and nails, along with loads and loads of candy and food….


An estimated of 800 plus girls attended the event…


Here are a few more pictures of the evening…

The beautiful Christmas tree inside…


All dressed up in my pj’s for the event….


Our “security” team for the evening…


Some of us with Mrs. Towns…


The ladies panel…


Mrs. Becki Falwell with our security team…


Becki Falwell speaking…she was such a sweetheart!!


I was extremely pleased with how the entire thing turned out!! It took a ton of planning, and I was completely exhausted when it was finished!!!

On another note…here are some things that are making me happy!!!

1) The fact that the high in Lynchburg today was 72!!!

Absolutely no complaints here!!! I adore warm weather and sunshine, and it felt like a kiss from heaven!!


2) Advent began yesterday!!!

I will write in more detail about this later, but I started going through a John Piper devotion called, “Good News of Great Joy”. The scripture readings and devotional content are specifically geared towards the advent season!! It’s free on Piper’s website “Desiring God”. Here’s the link, I highly encourage you to download it!

Good News of Great Joy


3) I will be going home 11 days to this crazy crew….


4) Also in 11 days, I will get to see my brother and best friend who’s been at school in Texas since August!!

Praise the Lord for skype!! (Also, our monkies like to skype too!!)


That is all for now!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! I’ll leave you with this song that has been making me smile this past week!! It’s by Steve Moakler, if you haven’t heard his music, I highly encourage you to check it out!!




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