Monday Musings…Reasons I love home!

This comes to you from good ‘old North Carolina! One of my favorite states (but I’m a little bias!)

I’m on Thanksgiving break and I must admit, it’s been absolutely delicious to sneak in a few extra hours of sleep, spend time with my family, relax and refresh!! I would like to dedicate the rest of this post to the reasons why I love home!!

Seeing this guy…

….my little man. (Brother) He’s really grown up and we’ve gotten quite close, can’t you tell :p

Picking this guy up from the shop!

…I share a car with my two brothers, but love any time I get to spend driving it!

Being welcomed home by this…

….love my little sisters!!!

Breakfast’s like these….

…from my mama!

Playing with this little monster….

…her name is Abby!!

Seeing these beautiful things on my run at Tanglewood….

Trader Joes…

….enough said!!!

Browsing around my favorite used bookstore….

…I bought 4 books!!!

Being greeted with this view as I drive into my neighborhood…

…God is so incredibly beautiful!!!

On another note…Philip Phillips released a full length album today!! I highly suggest that you bounce on over to Itunes or Spotify and take a listen! Your ears will not be disappointed! For now, here’s a little taste with his hit home! Enjoy!


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