No makeup challenge!!

Recently a prayer leader on my hall suggested that we go a week without wearing makeup….

Immediately I said that sounded like a wonderful idea…until this past Monday when I was getting ready. Let me preface this by saying, I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup, but I do wear it nevertheless. As I walked out the door without a stitch of makeup on my face, I felt completely naked. It sounds silly, because it’s just makeup. But I never realized my dependance on it before. People passed me in the hallways, and all I thought was “They probably think I’m so ugly right now” I worked up the courage to tell a few people that I wasn’t wearing any makeup, and they did a double take and said that they couldn’t tell a difference.

Fasting from makeup has been such a revealing thing. I am realizing where true beauty comes from. I’ve always preached that beauty is on the inside, but I’ve relied on makeup to cover up the flaws I don’t feel comfortable with the rest of the world seeing. My acne scars and blemished aren’t the first thing I want people to notice about me, but if my flaws are seen, it is okay.

Oh how I desire to be a beautiful woman of God! When people look at me, I want them to see Christ living in me. I want my dependence to be only in the Lord; not in a beauty product. With the extra time I’ve had, I’ve devoted it to memorizing scripture. It is incredible how the Lord has been working in my heart this past week. I challenge you to take a break from makeup for a while. It might be hard for the first day or so, but after that, there is great freedom!

Here is me…sans makeup!!


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