The healing power of joy….

I’ve written quite a lot about some trials that I’m facing in my life right now. My circumstances are feel difficult, but dear reader they are merely circumstances. Life ebbs and flows, it has its joys and trials. Right now, I feel like I am in the furnace of affliction. Someone very dear to me has betrayed me and walked away from me and my heart aches because of the pain they have caused. But I am clinging to my Jesus, to my family and to the incredible friends the Lord has placed in my life. If I pause for a moment, I realize just how truly blessed I am.

Someone recently said to me, “Chelsea, every time I see you, you are always happy.” I quickly said, “I’m not always happy, but I always strive for joy!” The Lord has placed His joy in my heart, and even though I don’t always feel like smiling or being “happy” I plead with Him that I will never ever lose my joy in life!

I wanted to share a devotion that has been touching my heart a lot recently. I’ve shared out of the book “Come away my beloved” by Frances Roberts before, and that’s where today’s devotion comes from!


“You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into joy!”

John 16:20

Say not within yourself, “Where is God?” for I am within you, yes, even in your heart, and my hand is upon you. You have looked in vain for Me because you have sought to see Me in circumstances and in people and have said, “I cannot find Him.”

O My child, look to Me directly, and rest your heart in Me. Do so with as little distraction as would be easy to do if you were the only human being in the world and therefore would have no one else to look upon and no one else with whom to converse.

Praise Me. This I ask of you in times when it seems indescribably difficult to do so. I ask it of you in love that is stern at this point because I know unequivocally that praise is your only hope for survival.

Distress of coul and grief of heart can only bring on destruction of body. Joy alone is a healer, and you can have it in the darkest hour if you will force your soul to rise to Me in worship and adoration. I have not failed you and you have not failed Me. It is only that you have failed yourself – or the disappointment has come on the human plane, not on the divine. Why should you allow any human experience to alter or affect your divine relationship with your Father?

Bring Me your sorrow, and watch for the sunrise of the resurrection. yes, truly there comes always a resurrection – a morning when hope is reborn and life finds new beginning. Waif for it as tulip bulbs anticipate the spring. The rarest blooms are enhanced by the coldness of winter. The snow plays her part in producing spring’s pageant. But when the blossoms break through, we do not then turn back to thoughts of winter, but instead, we look ahead to the full joys of the coming summer.

So you must do also. Your God is your maker. He is your defender. And He is mighty to save. Yes, He is not only mighty to save from sin, but He is mighty to save from despair, from sorrow, from disappointment, from regret, from remorse, from self-castigation, and from the hot, blinding tears of rebellion against fateful circumstances. He can save you from yourself, and He loves you when you find it hard to love yourself.

Let His peace flow in you like a river, carrying away all the poison of painful memories, and bringing you a fresh, clear stream of pure life and restoring thoughts.

This is not the end. Press on.



One thought on “The healing power of joy….

  1. This is a fabulous post Chelsea. It blessed my heart so much….you have no idea. I just recently wrote something so similar for a guest post on a friend’s blog. Would you mind if I left you the link? I hope this is an encouragement to you. The post is maybe coming from a little bit of a different angle, but it still relays a similar message about joy. Keep on, keeping on Chelsea….the joy of the Lord TRULY is our strength! You are such an encouragement to so many people….and Jesus shines so brightly through you. Love you! hugs :-)

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