In the storm…

I received a phone call…

…. the kind of phone calls that change your world in a split second.

I cried as my heart broke over my circumstances and I tried to put the pieces back together. Something happened that I never imagined could happen and I didn’t understand what was going on. Even though I can’t fix things or don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, God gently spoke to me through my pain.

“Let not your hearts be troubled.”

John 14:1

My initial response was one of fear, but the Lord reminded me that my obedience begins with a choice to stop being afraid, followed by an intentional decision to start trusting God. My circumstances may be out of control but I can choose to place my trust in a God who promises never to change.

Regardless of my present….

circumstances or crisis,

pressures or pain,

suffering or sorrow,

failures or frustrations,

danger or disease,

memories or misery,

temptations or trials,

problems or persecutions,

burdens or brokenness….

my situation is temporary compared to eternity.

Beloved, if you are going through a storm in your life right now, rest in the fact that the Lord is in control and He will never leave you or forsake you! Cling to Him in the midst of your trials and allow Him to carry your burden!

You are not alone!!


One thought on “In the storm…

  1. Sweetie,
    That phone call changes a lot of people’s worlds….so it seems. I love you and thank you for staying close to God. It’s an inspiration to so many. We’ll keep praying that God uses this for HIS purposes.

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