Adoption, Ukraine, and a little girl!

As I type this, there is a precious little girl on an airplane headed back to the Ukraine and another girl sitting in her backyard feeling like her heart is going to break! Over Christmas, my family had the incredible privilege of hosting 2 Ukrainian orphans at our home for a few weeks. (You can read more about that here and here) The girls came back in mid-June, but this time a family friend kept one of them, and my aunt and uncle kept the other one. My aunt and uncle are looking to adopt Yulia, and wanted to form a relationship with her. The past few weeks have been filled with swimming adventures, birthday parties, cook outs, and lots of giggles and family time. My aunt came several times a week so that we could all spend time with Yulia.


“I love you, I love you, I love you”

-The words Yulia whispered to me as I hugged her good-bye

After I said good-bye to Yulia, I went inside and wept. It’s incredible how quickly the heart can become attached to a person. I can’t wait to see Yulia again and see how the Lord works His beauty through her adoption. My aunt and uncle are in the middle of the long process of bringing her home…permanently!

  I see God through adoption; oh what a glorious thing it is – to take someone who has absolutely nothing and to choose to call them your own child. Christ is in every aspect of the beauty of adoption. I want so badly to help others adopt. My heart yearns to take care of children who can’t take care of themselves. I want to show them what Jesus looks like, and teach them about who He is. After experiencing first hand how impactful adoption is, I can tell you one thing, things that were once important are no longer important. My heart doesn’t care as much for worldly pleasures when I can pour out my life helping the gospel reach those desperately  in need of Jesus.

May I ask you to please pray for Yulia as she travels back to the Ukraine and for my aunt and uncle as the seek to adopt her? May the Lord receive maximum glory through this situation!!


One thought on “Adoption, Ukraine, and a little girl!

  1. Praying for Yulia and her soon to be family! We are in the process of international adoption. I recently did a presentation at church about adoption. Moses was adopted. Esther was adopted. Jesus was adopted by Joseph. God adopts us all as His very own. Adoption is an amazing journey!

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