10,000 Reasons

This past Sunday at church, we sang the song, “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman. The song is based out of Psalm 103, and focuses upon characteristics of the Lord. While I was singing, I found myself thinking…


I wonder if I could really come up with 10,000 reasons to praise the Lord. Sure it sounds wonderful in a song, but could I truly come up with that meany reasons to be grateful?!

Then I thought,

Well, I suppose I’ll never know if I never try!!

So, I’ve decided to find 10,000 reasons to bless the Lord!!

I recently discussed “soul talk”, and I’ve mentioned gratitude before on this blog. (You can read about it here) But I so easily forget that I should be praising the Lord often, and reminding myself of just how incredibly blessed I am. The idea is to constantly find reasons to bless the Lord, and be grateful and to thank Him for His rich blessings!!

Here’s how I made my 10,000 reasons board, you can do it however you like, I just started with what I had!!

Sticky notes!

Sticky notes!

What I ended up with…


Obviously it’s still a work in progress because I will keep on adding to it! A few of my personal favorite reasons to bless the Lord at the moment…


I’m excited to see how this continues to grow!! I’d love to have more people join me in praising our Savior together, so if you’re making a board, I’d love to see pictures of how you do it or hear your thoughts!!



One thought on “10,000 Reasons

  1. Hey Chels: To add to the delight of this musing…. did you also know that at time of writing, 10,000 (in the greek) was as “high” as numbers went. So to say “10,000 reasons for my heart to find” – would be like saying “there are infinite ways for my heart to find”….. sweetness, especially as VG does it!!

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