An honest look at prayer!

I sat on bended knee looking very saintly with head bowed and eyes closed. Recently, I made a commitment to the Lord to spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with Him solely devoted to prayer. I feel as if I have reached a wall and instead of calling up someone and venting, picking up the latest, “Fix your life fast” book, I decided that I would take things to the Lord’s feet. I’ve prayed growing up, but my prayer times have been inconsistent at best or when I’m in the midst of a life crisis. I’m reading the book “Fresh wind, Fresh fire” by Jim Cymbala. Prayer in that book changes lives. Story after story is told of miracles and things that point back to God. I desire miracles in my life, so I told the Lord that I would (literally) go into my closet and pray for 30 minutes daily.


Well, I hit a road block! I prayed for everything in my life that I could think to pray about – then it was if my mind went blank and I ran out of things to pray about.

“Shoot, I still have 20 minutes left.”

Refusing to stop early, I did the only thing I knew to do, I began reciting the Lord’s prayer. After about the third time, my mind began drifting to my to do list, what I would wear tomorrow and calculating how much sleep I would get when I was finished praying.”


I was startled. The Lord spoke again to my spirit,

“Stop. You’ve given me this time and all you’ve done is rattle off selfish prayer and day dream, this time can be so much more than that, use it to get to know ME better! I promise that I will reveal myself to you.”

I spent the rest of my time praying for others. While it’s a struggle for me to pause and listen to the Lord, I’ve committed time to leaving the world for awhile and getting to know my Beloved in a way that I’ve never done! I will continue to update you guys, and if you’d like to join me in my pursuit of getting to know our Savior more, I’d love for you to join!!!



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