Day 3 of my “working” summer!!

Since I can’t really count my beach vacation as “working”, I suppose I should tell you guys a little bit about what I’m doing this summer!! I landed a pretty cool internship with my church. I’m the children’s intern…aka…best job ever!!! Seriously, I get paid to play with kids, make decorations, plan games and activities, camp, vacation bible school, etc. I absolutely adore children, and I’m so excited to have this internship. The Lord has definitely blessed me with it! Today marked my 3rd day on the job. I’m exhausted because I’m not used to working a 9-5 job yet. (My body is still on vacation time!) Tonight we played dodge ball and tag with the kids, and I got to run around like a maniac. More updates to come throughout the summer!!

On another note….

One of my all-time favorite musicians came out with a new cd yesterday!!! Be sure to check out John Mayer’s latest, “Born and Raised” I haven’t listened to the entire cd yet. If you have, I’d love to hear what you think!!



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