The moon has a rare power to make my heart beat so fast it feels like it might burst, yet at the same time, leaves me speechless and silent. It is by far my favorite part of God’s creation. I can’t explain my love for it, but when I see it, my heart worships. All I can think of when I gaze upon the moon is how absolutely stunning my Beloved is, to create such a lovely part of creation. Just think, God didn’t have to create and place beauty here on earth, but He choose to, simply because He could. He could have left the sky pitch black with nothing but vast darkness, instead He sprinkled the night sky with millions of stars and placed the moon…all to declare His unmatched glory. Dear one, I pray that when you look at the moon (or whatever part of creation makes your heart beat faster) your first reaction is praise to the Lord. Allow the Lord to use His creation to remind you of who He is. Listen as He whispers His love to you.

Don’t worship the creation, worship the Creator!!



2 thoughts on “Moon…

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  2. Tsihi, Mukka-jumi kuulostaa ihan joltain tuholaiselta:) Minulla oli vastaavanlainen jumi nyt Kalevalan kohdalla, vaikkei se ollutkaan mitenkään järisyttävä lukukokemus -johtui varmaan enemmän Kalevalan järisyttävästä historiallisesta merkityksestä maan kaaeolliseepakssna.Knikenlaiset jumit on välillä ihan terveellisiä, ehkä silloin pinnan alla risteileekin ajatuksia kaikista eniten?

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