Who I am…

I realized that I write about matters close to my heart all the time, but I haven’t truly shared about me! So, I have decided to take some time to share about who I am! I would like to open myself and my life up more…so here it goes, a journey into the life of Chelsea Patterson!!

My story begins rather unusually in a country on the other side of the world…

Bucharest, Romania

I was born in the country just a few short months after the fall of communism. The blood running through my veins is completely Romanian, because I was born to a Romanian girl. Two people decided to travel to the broken country in hopes of finding a child to adopt…I was the one the found. The Lord’s hand was on my life from the very beginning, because I deserved to grow up in a poverty stricken country, instead of the lush and luxurious United States. While my parents were in Romania adopting me, they decided to adopt another child, so they adopted a boy. Nicholas is 11 days older (He never lets me forget it!) and he is my very best friend in the entire world. We grew up incredibly close, and to this day, he is the one person in the world that knows me better than I know my self…

By the way, he flies airplanes…pretty cool if you ask me! He’s currently at a school in Texas where he’s playing baseball! I couldn’t be more proud of him!!

My parents decided that they wanted to adopt again, and again, and again. Now the Patterson clan consists of 6 children, making a grand total of 8 people!! Nicholas and I are the only ones from Romania, my parents tried again to adopt from Romania, but the government closed the doors to outside adoption. So, they switched countries and adopted from Russia. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, and consider my family one of the greatest treasures ever!

I wish I could convey with proper emotion how much I love and adore my family members!! They mean the world to me, and I love every moment I get to spend with them!

I currently attend Liberty University where I’m studying International Relations with a minor in French. My college experience has been wonderful, I’m so glad I’ve gotten the opportunities I’ve had here. I serve as an RA, and that has been one of the most challenging and growing things of my life. To be honest, I’m a different person because of this “job”. The position has grown me so much, and I’m very glad that my character has gotten to be developed. Even though it’s been difficult, it’s also been incredibly rewarding. I love the girls on my hall and am grateful that the Lord placed me where I am.

I love to travel!

My heart beats quicker at the thought of exploring new places and visiting the wonders of the world. I’ve gotten the change of many lifetimes to visit places such as Italy, Greece, France and Romania. They have been incredibly beautiful and I consider myself a lucky lady indeed to have gone.

The most important thing about me is my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am in the most amazing relationship ever known to man. Christ met me in my sinful state when I was destined for eternity apart from Him. He won my heart by dying a brutal death on Calvary, and I am devoted to spending the rest of my days seeking to bring as much glory and honor to Him as possible. That is the essence of how I want to pour out my life. Oh that my moments at school, with my family, and my future would not be wasted on myself!

Hopefully, this little snapshot into my life has been helpful. I want my readers to know me, and that includes my life! If you have any questions about me, please feel free to ask! I would like to do a better job of sharing about my life from now on.




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