Love and other things…part 2!

Last week, I wrote about relationships and offered some encouragement and made some observations. I would like to continue on that topic with a few more words of encouragement!

1. Develop good relationships with members of the opposite sex.

I cannot stress the importance of this point! Friendships are what carry you through life, and it is so crucial to have good guy and girl friends. Members of the opposite sex give good perspective and insight to life. While it is necessary to have these friendships, remember to keep them as brother/sister type relationships. You don’t want to get too emotionally involved with someone who is not going to be your future spouse. Be there for one another, support one another, care for one another, have fun together! Someone once said, “Love is friendship on fire” I like that! Develop good friendships that will last you your whole life!

2. Don’t think that a person will complete you.

While the idea that your “other half” is out there, and one day they will complete you might sound romantic, it is completely false! The only thing that will ever complete you is Jesus Christ. It is unfair to place pressure and expectations upon another person, wanting them to fulfill parts of your heart that they can’t! If you’re single now, work on developing your relationship with Christ. If you’re dating/engaged/married, continue to make your relationship with the Lord the most important thing in your life. He promises to fulfill your soul!

3. LOVE!

You can always, always, always love where ever you are!! It may not be romantic, candle-light dinner, roses type of “love”, but where ever you are, there are people around you to love. Don’t wait until you’re dating or married to start showing unconditional love. Start now! Begin to practice self-less love. It’s not easy, but it is definitely worth it! One day, when you’re married, you won’t have to learn how to love, because you will be practicing now!! 

4. Take care of yourself!

Okay, disclaimer…physical attraction in a relationship is not the most important thing by any means! But I think it is important to take care of the body that the Lord has entrusted you with. Instead of eating poorly all the time, change up your diet and eat clean. Go to the gym; you don’t have to work out for hours at a time or run 10 miles, but some exercise is very beneficial. Girls, you don’t have to be a certain size in order to be beautiful!! Guys, the same goes for you, your muscles don’t have to be a huge for a girl to be attracted to you. Remember, people are attracted to all different types! Put in the effort to take care of yourself! You and your future significant other will thank you!

Until next time….


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