A severe mercy

When I first started writing this post, it was filled with me boo hooing all over the place, complaining, and an invitation to the worlds biggest pity party. You see, my brother left for Texas this morning. He’s transferring schools from Liberty to a school in Longview, Texas called LeTourneau University to play baseball. I’m so extremely happy for him because his dream of playing college ball is finally coming true!! At the same time, it’s going to be hard because we’re 11 days apart, we’ve gown up together and he’s my best friend.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a very dear friend, and a lady that I look up to and admire very much. I was sharing with her that I was having a hard time with my brother leaving. During our conversation, she mentioned a book we had both recently read entitled, “A Severe Mercy” by Sheldon Vanauken. The book is an autobiography about Sheldon and his wife and their incredibly beautiful love story. It also contains an account of a friendship they formed with C.S. Lewis and their journey to Christianity. I don’t want to give the entire story away, but towards the end of the book, Sheldon’s wife dies. Sheldon is devastated, but comes to realize that it was God’s severe mercy towards him. It was severe because his wife’s death hurt him beyond belief, but it was mercy because Sheldon was jealous of his wife’s relationship with Christ and was only able to truly draw closer to Christ after his wife died.

So here I am in my own time of severe mercy. It is going to be incredibly hard because I will be without my best friend being so close to me this semester. Sure, there will definitely be some difficult times. But as my dear friend pointed out to me, it is going to be a time of the Lord’s mercy in my life because my Father is going to be able to take me away from my “crutch” (my brother) and fulfill the longings of my heart with Himself. Even though I probably wouldn’t have initially chosen this road for myself, I trust that the Lord knows what He’s doing. I trust that He is going to fill my soul in ways I can’t even begin to imagine. So, I’m choosing to press into His arms and make Psalm 34:1 my prayer and goal.

I will bless the LORD at all times;
   his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Be encouraged if you’re going through circumstances that you don’t necessarily like. They could be God’s severe mercy to you and His way of giving you more of Himself.


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