Hope in the New Year!

I’m sitting at Panera with a piping cup of coffee and my journal. As 2011 is drawing to a close, I’ve spent some time reflecting over this past year, the triumphs and the downfalls, the joys and the sorrows! It’s been quite a year and a lot has happened!

Reflecting is always hard for me because I tend to beat myself up over the things I should have done or the things I wish I could go back and change. The saying “Life with no regrets” is a nice feel-good saying, but how many of us honestly get to the end of a year or our lives and can say that there wasn’t one thing you would go back and change! I don’t want to live with a weight of guilt hanging over my head, but I think it’s healthy to have some honest self-evaluation. The purpose is to identify and improve with the help of our Lord. As 2012 approaches, I’m choosing to throw all of my regrets and shortcomings into the ocean of God’s grace, realizing that His grace covers me, His blood washes me, and now I am free!! I pray that that encourages you beloved! May you rest in the fact that your Fathers love for you never changes, regardless if you fulfilled all of your new years resolutions this year or failed miserably!! You are a child of the Most High, don’t allow the devil to steal your joy!!

I have just one goal this year, and I pray that this characterizes how I live every single moment of every single day.

To grow closer to my Savior, to accurately reflect Him to the world and bring Him the maximum amount of glory with my life


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