Orphans from the Ukraine!!!

I’m sitting on my bed…and I feel like I’m a little kid and it’s already Christmas morning!! My heart is pounding, my palms are sweaty, and I’m so jittery I can hardly sit still. What is my excitement/nervousness from??

My family is keeping two little girls from the Ukraine…

and they are arriving in an HOUR!!!!!!!!!

Allow me to explain in a little more detail. When I was home for Thanksgiving break a few weeks ago, my family informed me that we were going to be keeping 2 young girls from the Ukraine. I believe they are both 11 years old. They are coming with a group from an orphanage in the Ukraine, and all of the orphans are going to be staying with host families. The girls that are staying with us originally had a different host family, but they backed out at the last moment. So my family decided to step in and offered to house them. The purpose of them coming to the States is to expose them to families that might want to adopt them.

I am so extremely excited for them to get here!!! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is a work of God that they are here. I will share some more stories in the future, but trust me when I say that the Lord has a very special purpose for them. May I please request your prayers while they are here.

First of all, for them (I am choosing not to share their names), but please pray for their salvation. I have no idea where they stand with the Lord, but there will be a translator in town with the group, and they will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel be presented to them in Russian.

Second, please pray for my family. There will be 10 people in my household!! Talk about craziness!!! I’m so excited, even though it’s going to be difficult, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Third, please pray that people’s hearts will be opened, and they will be adopted. Orphans and adoption weighs very heavily on my heart, and I firmly believe that the Lord has great things in the future of these precious girls!!!

I will definitely keep you all updated!! Thank you for your prayers!!


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