Lessons learned, and an announcement!!

I’ve kind of taken a little break from writing recently. Let me rephrase that, I’ve taken a break from sharing what I’ve been writing. I used this summer to focus wholeheartedly on my relationship with God. Also I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t over sharing all time, or writing just for the sake of writing. I strongly desire to only write when I have something worthwhile to say! I have learned several lessons this summer, and I’d like to share them with you!

First, this may sound incredibly simple, but I’ve learned to truly hunger after God’s word like never before! This summer, I was at home working, and while I would have loved to travel more and have more “adventures”, I had plenty of time to devote to studying the Bible, and learning to love it. To be completely honest, I’m the type of person that is always reading 3 different books on the Christian life, listening to sermons, etc. And while those are not bad things at all, in fact, they are quite helpful at times, if they are substituting the word of God, I think they should be reevaluated and put into their proper place. My reading knowledge has covered a wide variety of topics and authors, and while I have my favorite authors and books, the Lord really convicted me this summer and asked me to put those books down and allow myself to be consumed with His words. Oh what a difference it has made. I can say that I truly hunger and thirst for His word, and to be filled up with scripture! I’ve begun to make reading the Word even more of a priority in my life. Before, if I woke up late or was rushed all day long, I wouldn’t set time aside to pause and spend time in the Word. Since I’ve grown to desire the Word like never before, studying it has become even more of a priority!

Second, I’ve been learning about commitment. That might sound like an odd thing to say, because I’m not in a “committed” relationship with a person of the opposite sex at this time in my life. What I mean by commitment is being a person of my word, and when I say I’ll do something, actually follow through with it. If you know me at all, you may know that this area of my life is probably one of my biggest shortcomings. The Lord has convicted me of this area of my heart as well recently, and I’m trying, with the help of the Holy Spirit to let my yes be yes, and my no be no. While I’ve been soaking my soul in the Word, I’ve really spent some time in Proverbs, and that book definitely has some things to say about the topic of being diligent and committed!

“The key to Christian living is a thirst and hunger for God. And one of the main reasons people do not understand or experience the sovereignty of grace and the way it works through the awakening of sovereign joy is that their hunger and thirst for God is so small.” – John Piper

Announcement!! My last blog post was concerning the book that I feel like the Lord has asked me to write. I wanted to share a little more on that. While I’m not going to go into every detail right now, I did want you to have a brief overview! The topic I’m planning on writing on is one that is not talked about a lot, especially in the Christian circle. I’m very excited to get to write about the topic, and I feel like there are many people that need this topic addressed. I have a personal background in the topic, and I’m currently doing a lot of research. There is so much in the Bible on this topic and I’m so incredibly excited! I said that I wanted to give a brief overview without giving away too many details. The topic I’m writing on is healing. Not physical healing, but emotional healing. Yes, there are tons of books on emotional healing, but mine is specifically tailored to a certain need. I know I’m being vague, but please be patient. All in time!!


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