My book!

God has called me to do something! It couldn’t be any clearer than if He had spoken audibly to me. I believe that my Lord has asked me to write a book. I’ve tried to resist and argue with Him that certainly He must be mistaken, because I’m not the most talented writer, I’m not well-known, I have too many flaws to do this… I, I, I!! Recently, I’ve been listing reasons to God why I’m not going to do what He’s asked me to do. Do you see what has happened? The focus is on me, instead of what GOD wants. (I’ve been acting a little too much like Moses).

I’m surrendering to my King right now. Putting Him back on the throne of my heart and my life, and embarking on the journey of writing a book. I’ve already started writing a little bit, but have laid it aside numerous times. Why? Because it hurts! The subject I’m writing is not one that is written about often. In fact, I recently went to three different bookstores and pursued the shelves searching for books on the topic I’d like to address. What did I come up with? Nothing! There aren’t any books out there on the topic I’m planning on writing on. I believe that God has called me to write about what I’ve been through/going through. I desperately want to share my journey with people going through the same thing. I firmly believe that God has placed a certain trial in my life to glorify Him. But I am certain that others are struggling through the same trial. With the use of scriptures and lessons that my Father has taught me, I’m embarking on the journey of authoring a book.

The process is going to hurt, because I’m writing about something very dear and personal to me. Many tears have been shed, and my heart has been broken over this trial. But I believe that those tears and heartbreak are not in vain. I long to help people, and allow the Father to get the maximum glory for this trial. I don’t know if my book will ever be published, but I honestly don’t care! God has called me to write, and I’m going to be obedient in following Him. I’ll have to wait and see what happens. I ask that you be praying for me as I begin to write. I’m very excited, but very nervous! I would like to eventually share parts of my heart with you.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Charles Spurgeon…

As sure as God puts His children in the furnace, he will be in the furnace with them.


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