The vine…

My heart tends to become overwhelmed so often and easily. I look at my life and see all of the things that I think I have to accomplish and I start to freak out. Then I start to think that I’ll never get everything done, I’ll never be able to be there when people need me, I’ll never be able to have time for myself, etc. As a result of being so overwhelmed and stressed, I become weary and downcast. I allow the fact that I’m so busy to get to me and steal my joy and peace. I could write pages about all of the things that have overwhelmed me lately, but that would not be beneficial in the least little bit.

You see, each one of us could sit down and list off at least a dozen things that we feel like we have to do or that need to be accomplished in the near future. Just the thought of compiling such a list can be daunting. Sometimes I feel like I could write an entire book on the things I find to occupy my time. I am a busy person. I am a student at a University, I am in a leadership position, I am a part of a family, I am a friend, I am a sister, I am a daughter, etc. The list could go on for quite a while of all the roles I play, and everything that each role entails. Lately, I’ve been thinking through my life and really evaluating the importance of everything I do. Business is not a virtue. I believe that people should have an overarching theme to their life, and that should be to always bring God the most glory possible. Each of our lives should be structured around bringing God glory. It will look different for every person; but each task, job, relationship, etc should be evaluated and seen through the lenses of bringing God glory and bringing people into the saving knowledge of Him.

To be completely honest, I’ve had to take a hard look at my life and see if what I’m doing really matters, or if I’m merely filling my life with mindless and useless things. I’ve had to cut some things out, and while that hasn’t been the most pleasant task, I know that it will be extremely beneficial. I strongly urge you to take inventory of your life today and decide if the things that fill your schedule are eternal in nature, or if they are going to pass away life chaff in the wind.

The word “overwhelm” is defined as, “To submerge; engulf” and “To defeat completely and decisively”. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want anything except Jesus Christ to engulf me completely, and the very last desire of my heart is to be defeated. When I stand before God on judgment day, I want to be able to present myself pure and blameless, not as one who has been conquered.

Dear reader, if you find yourself in the place that I described, do not despair. Instead, run to our beloved Father who will vanquish this struggle with Himself. The number one thing that’s set aside in times of being so busy and overwhelmed is our daily time of seeking God’s face. This saddens my heart yet, I still go on with my life, not running passionately back into the arms of my God. Oh what a fool I am! Praise be to God that He has patience with me and daily shows me the way.

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

John 15:5

So, what does the soul do when it is overwhelmed, weighed down by sadness, longing deeply for something, overflowing with joy, crying out in pain? It should run with fervor to the Vine; our heavenly Father whose heart longs to pick you up, hold you, and fill you up with Himself.Oh how incredible that verse is! The word “abide” is so beautiful, it literally means, “to remain in a place and continue to be firm.” Dear one, don’t let another moment pass before you go to the Vine. Taste Him, spend time with Him, long for Him, talk with Him, listen to Him, praise Him, sing to Him, adore Him! God offers us Himself and promises us that we can abide, and remain in Him. Oh what a glorious thing to always be with our Father! I can promise and assure you that your soul will be refreshed beyond what you could imagine. Once we are truly abiding in God, we will begin to bear fruit. Our lives will change and the busyness will fall away, and we will construct our lives with the knowledge that, “Apart from Him, we can do nothing.”

Precious one, I urge you to get away today. Find a place where you can abide in our Vine, and your soul can be refreshed and rejuvenated. Then take a long and honest look at your life and weed out the things that are stealing your time, stealing your peace, and stealing your joy. Hand your schedule to the Beloved and watch Him write out passionate, joy-filled, days that will have eternal influence.


2 thoughts on “The vine…

  1. Hey Chels, I can relate on this topic immensely! I find myself being a “busy-body” in all areas that you described. This blog really spoke to my heart, and I’m so glad that this is something that the Lord laid on you! This is something that I tend to struggle with as well, and I can relate (except I’m can’t relate on being a sister or daughter… lol).

    Thank you Chelsea!

  2. ahhhhh chels this was so beautiful and encouraging to read! i am so stubborn all the time, but with this new sickness God has been really forcing me to reevaluate what i am doing with my days and cut some things out. it is difficult to actually purposefully take care of myself and slow things down, because i’m so used to running through my life at top speed with all this energy, and now i physically cannot do that anymore for now. i am finally starting to learn that i have to live a little differently for now in order to get better, and to stop being angry about it and start being open to all the things that He is teaching me through this–which is a lot, already! one of those things is definitely that i need to slow down and abide in Him, not in my busy schedule

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