The King of the universe…

I got to spend time with the King of the universe this morning!!! I’m so completely and utterly overwhelmed at that fact. Don’t gloss over that truth; don’t miss what I just said…our God, who’s very nature is perfection allowed me, a sinner to come into His presence this morning. Oh how truly delightful and amazing that is!! When I woke up this morning, my very first thought was my Beloved Savior and how I was going to spend time enjoying His presence! I got out of bed, grabbed my Bible, trotted downstairs to make my coffee and then headed outside. It was overcast, but I didn’t care! I sat down with my piping hot cup of coffee and closed my eyes and quieted my soul before God.

I grew up in a wonderful Christian home, going to church every Sunday, and have been saturated in the Christian “culture” all my life. Sadly, I’ve allowed this to do some damage to me, by becoming complacent at times. For instance, the fact that I can enter into God’s presence at any time or talk to Him becomes a routine to me. I hate that I allow this to happen, but it does. I have to fight this, because I never want to offer God anything but my very best. This morning, as I was on the deck spending time with Him, I couldn’t help but smile!! I was in the presence of someone I loved, cherished and adored more than life itself. My heart fluttered the moment I woke up, because God’s steadfast love had wakened me and called me to Himself.

I love butterflies, and as I was sitting outside, two flew right by me! God delighted me with a precious gift and I praised Him for it, but more importantly, I praised Him for who He is! I read His word, and how He calls me His beautiful and beloved one. How could I not respond to His great love for me but with praise on my lips. I closed my eyes, and sang songs to him at the top of my lungs. No one was around and I took that sweet time to verbalize what was on my heart. Oh what a delight it was! God truly satisfies me! He reaches into the depths of my soul, and satisfies me like nothing else can, because He gives me Himself. That is more amazing, and beautiful and rich and fulfilling than anything else on this earth! Dear one, how long has it been since you spent authentic time with your Beloved Savior?! Not giving Him 5 or 10 minutes here and there when you have time, but truly diving into a rich passionate love relationship with your God. I beg you to go be alone with Him, I promise you that He will fulfill and satisfy every need, desire and want that is in your soul. My friends, He will give you Himself. There is no act more beautiful than God giving of Himself. Go find your delight in Him today!


2 thoughts on “The King of the universe…

  1. Chels
    I love reading how close you are to God and it’s inspiring to so many (myself included). I know life is not perfect for you and we all have our struggles, yet you continue to reach for the one ultimate Being that can soothe all your worries and fill your soul with love and grace. I love you! Thank you for sharing your personal journey with me.

  2. Chelsea, my dear thank you for opening up your heart to the world. You have such a beautiful heart and sweet spirit. When I read this it made me cry…yes I cry alot :) I was also raised in Christian home, but yet at times I took God for granted. It hurts to say that, but I did. I turned to Him only when I was in desperate need. Having a 5 year old sister has let me see the world through a child’s eyes. Making me delight in little things as a flower or a butterfly. I ask her who made those things, and she responds with “God.” It makes my heart swell at the beauty of Christ, the King of the universe. Psalm 145 has become my all time FAVORITE!!! It speaks of the our King and how we should praise him. Travis Cottrell has orchestrated it so it is a majestic song of praise to our Lord. Thank you for being an encourager even when you’re facing tough times. I can not begin to express how thankful I am that God has used YOU in my life!!!

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