A girl under the stars…

God is so incredibly good!! I can’t declare this truth enough!! He gives me above and beyond what I could ever ask for. I love the moments where I know that He is with me. I mean, I know that He is always with me, I’m just not always aware of it. Yet, the closer I become to Him, the more I am aware of His presence.I almost didn’t write tonight because it’s my last week of classes, and I’m in the heat of finals, papers, etc. But yet, here I sit…writing. I absolutely refuse to become so busy and stressed that I don’t have time to spend with God…or write!! This evening, I decided to relax a little bit. My original plans for the night included shutting myself away and working on a paper, but I have a reading day tomorrow, so I decided to go out.

Church was outside tonight; it was lovely weather; nice enough to wear shorts and be comfortable, without being too hot. We got to sing in the open air. There’s nothing like signing praises to my King when I can look up at the heavens. It reminds me of who I’m really singing to. I loved it!! After church, there was a concert.I walked with a few people to get drinks, and then went to the concert. It was really fun!! I stayed for about an hour or so, and then decided to leave. Everyone else stayed, and I welcomed the chance to walk along. I absolutely adore walking at night, and tonight was perfect. I’ve had so much on my mind lately, and walking always helps to clear my head. I walk when I’m upset; I walk when I want to think; and most importantly, I walk when I want to talk to God alone. It’s hard to get completely alone on a college campus, but since most of the people were still at the concert, I got to be alone. And I decided to sing to God! I don’t know what He thought about it, but it came from a joyful heart, so hopefully He was pleased. Although the noise wasn’t pretty (at least to human ears) I’m convinced that He was proud that His daughter was singing to Him.

I walked to one of my favorite places on campus and decided to lay down and look at the stars. It was fairly dark, and I could see them pretty well. The grass was tall and encircled my body, I took off my sandals, spread my arms wide open, took a deep breath, and allowed myself to relax. I hadn’t realized just how tense I was until I made myself pause for a moment. I closed my eyes and the gentle breeze washed over my face. Oh how delicious it felt! I laid there for such a long time, just enjoying the view.

This morning, when I spent time with God, I asked Him to delight me in some way today. I knew that today was going to be hectic and stressful, and before I ever set foot outside of the dorm, I asked for His strength to carry me through the day. I also asked Him to give me something that would delight me. To be completely honest, I was expecting something physical, like seeing a sunset, or getting an unexpected gift or something along those lines. Well, what God gave me was far better than what I was expecting. He gave me Himself!! Yes, I do dearly love the stars and spending time in nature, but while I was laid out in the grass, I wasn’t alone. My beloved King was right there with me! I had asked to be delighted, and wasn’t disappointed. God decided to give me sweet and precious time with Himself. I was able to pull away from the stresses and pressures that constantly hound me and was able to talk with my Lover. Although I was somewhat burdened by my thoughts earlier in the day, I was able to completely surrender them to God. They didn’t all go away, but I knew that He heard my heart when it sighed and groaned because it was overloaded.

I was in the presence of my Father tonight. Durning my time with Him, I didn’t ask Him for anything, or question Him…I simply spent time with Him. As I laid there, with my face pointed towards heaven, God and I had an intimate conversation. It wasn’t the conversation of a girl who wanted a “vending machine” god, but the dialogue of a girl who wanted to know her Father even more intimately and personally.

I love those sweet, deep, unexpected, all-satisfying times with God!! I challenge you to ask God for a precious and intimate time with Him. He will most certainly give it to you. This I can guarantee you, if you ask with a sincere heart and thirst for His presence.


One thought on “A girl under the stars…

  1. I experienced something like this last saturday. I was at a outdoor concert(which was amazing!!!), but the words that were being sung felt like it was straight from God. I felt the presence of God in all thsoe people and just stated sobbing. All of my cares and frustrations went away, I had completely surrendered EVERYTHING to Him and it feels AMAZING!!!! I felt like it was just me and my Father with His arms wrapped around me!!

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