Oh, how I love to write!! It thrills my heart when I can sit down and pour out my soul on paper. I love whispering my heartbeat of inner thoughts out, in hopes of blessing others!! Tonight was one of those times where I couldn’t wait to get to some paper (or my computer) and write down my thoughts!! I was at a baseball game a few hours ago, and the sun was setting. I couldn’t focus on the game because my eyes were drawn to the glorious colors painting the sky. In fact, I was so moved, that I decided to leave the game. God was revealing His beauty to me, and I wanted to take a walk with Him and converse with Him, while gazing upon His sunset!! There are certain times when my heart seems to anticipate eternity more than usual. Tonight was one of those nights. It was as if I could almost hear God whispering His love to me, His beloved daughter. He knows that sunsets, stars, the moon, bird signing, clouds, the sea, etc. brings a smile to my face, and makes my heart leap. So, He must delight in giving me small glimpses of Himself through nature. The sunset tonight was His way of saying “I love you. I care about you. I delight in you. I love to make you smile. I love to give you myself.” Isn’t that a beautiful thing to think about?!

I walked slowly and talked to God as I walked. The campus was empty as I strolled, and I decided to sing. My heart was so full, and I wanted to let out the overflow of my heart. Although I’ve been through many trials, and my heart has had more than enough sorrows, I can’t allow those things to steal my joy. When I got back to my room, there wasn’t anyone here. So I put my tea pot on, and climbed onto my bed. I don’t usually enjoy spending time alone, but it was nice tonight. I read a poem the other recently. I adore poetry, and make it a practice to read it on a regular basis. A friend gave me a book of love poems a couple of days ago, just because they knew that I was going through a hard time and wanted to bring a smile to my face. It was precious!! Here is the poem I read…enjoy! May these thoughts from my head and my heart touch you!!

I want to untangle the future

but for now I’ll let the riddle of

your love for me take me along

the current of this moment as I

whisper my yes, and strive to

live out my thanks!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts…

  1. Wow Chelsea, this is another amazing post!!! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life!!! :)

  2. Chelsea,

    God is using you in so very many ways! I know you have some difficult things ahead, but He will prepare you and lead you though them. It’s amazing to me how much you’ve given Him at such an early age. You’re a most inspiring woman!
    1 4 3!

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