Musings from last night…

I had the most amazing time with God last night and wanted to share it with you. It was one of those times where it was simply just me and God. So, I hope this encourages you! The point of me sharing this is to make it known how glorious and great our God is. It blows my mind because as much time as I spend with God, He continues to become more and more glorious. This is such an amazing and beautiful truth; one that I hope you will grab a hold of. I was brought to tears as I reflected back on this time with God and how sweet as pure it was!

I honestly didn’t plan on spending time with God last night. That sounds absolutely terrible I know, but I had already had my “planned” quiet time in the morning and so this time with God was completely spontaneous! I climbed into bed and it was kinda late…maybe 1 in the morning. For some reason I couldn’t seem to fall asleep, so I turned on the light and got my Bible and prayer journal. I read through some Psalms; my favorite book of the Bible. One of the verses I read was Psalm 91:6

Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.

What a beautiful verse that is!! I love it so much! I read all of Psalm 91 and then began to pray. I started in my prayer journal because normally writing down my prayers helps to keep me focused, and sort out my thoughts, etc. But I sat there for the longest time and no words came. I’m not one who usually runs out of things to say at all, and this was strange for me because I’m always talking with God about something. So, I laid my pen and prayer journal aside and turned off my light and got down on the floor and knelt before God. There’s something so incredibly humbling to be on my face before the King of the Universe, my Creator, and my Savior. Bowing down gave me a new perspective. It forced me to forget about myself and truly, genuinely focus on God. There isn’t any room for self, when self is bowed down low to the ground, in a position of humility and selflessness.

I don’t even know how long I was there, face down before my King, I lost track of the time. But time doesn’t matter at all. Which is beautiful, because I wasn’t focused on how much time I was spending with God. I was completely lost in His presence. I didn’t get distracted or sidetracked once, which is rare because I have ADD tendencies and don’t stay focused for too long, but I didn’t have that problem last night. I poured out my heart to God. I didn’t ask God for anything, other than His glory to shine more brilliantly through me. My time with God was simply enjoying Him, getting to know Him , surrendering my heart and life anew to Him. This time wasn’t about me at all, but it was about HIM. The lyrics to a Matt Redman song came to mind, the song is called Facedown and the chorus goes like this:

And I’ll fall facedown

As Your glory shines around

Yes, I’ll fall facedown

As your glory shines around

That was my prayer as I was praying, I only desired to be humble and vulnerable before God. And as a result of my obedience, I wanted His glory to shine.

I finally climbed into bed. When I did, I realized that the moon was shining brightly outside my window. Anyone that knows me, knows that I ADORE the moon! It’s so incredibly beautiful to me, and I can truly see God’s gorgeous hand of creation displayed through the moon and the stars. I sat there on my bed speechless for the longest time simply enjoying God’s beauty. After a while, I picked up my ipod and put it on my worship playlist. The song “I have decided to follow Jesus” came on. I love that song for many reasons, and I’ll write more in depth about those reasons later on, but I listened to that song several times and then turned off the music. I sat before God and just sang for Him; I hope He was pleased with my singing and my heart before Him. It was such a beautiful night and time spent with Him. I picked up my pillow and put it at the end of my bed, and curled up so that I could fall asleep in the moonlight. It was a magnificent night and I hope that your heart takes pleasure with me as we give glory to God together!


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