Update…and more to come!

When I first started this blog, I was so excited and I was planning on updating it and writing something at least once every two weeks or so, but that hasn’t happened. Life happened…I failed to write it in my blog. I adore writing with all of my heart,  it’s how I express myself. Yes, I have been doing a ton of writing, but I’m just now sitting down and putting it all together in a blog. As I write this, I’m listening to some gorgeous classical music. I could be called a nerd because I do love to read, write and classical music. (I like other kinds of music too!!) But I honestly don’t care what people say about me, this is who I am; this is who God created, and I will not be anyone else, but the best Chelsea Patterson that I can. So at the moment, I am one happy girl because I get to listen to music and write!!

I have learned so incredibly much over the past few months and my desire is to somehow share the wisdom that I’ve learned. I’m not saying that I’m a very wise person,  but God has definitely allowed me to learn some huge things lately. I feel like it is not only my privilege to share these things with you, but it is also my duty. I haven’t been going through trials and learning lessons just to keep them to myself. It will be my joy and honor to lead you to God’s throne as I seek to share God’s glory and greatness with you. He definitely IS an amazing and great God, I am closer to Him now then ever before. I don’t want this blog to be too terribly long, so I guess this kind of an “update” and a promise of what’s to come! I do indeed promise that I will write more very soon. Just know for now, that when life is hard, and it seems like there is no hope, GOD IS SOVEREIGN!!!!! I hope that this has encouraged you a little bit, and I can’t wait to write to you more.


5 thoughts on “Update…and more to come!

  1. Hey Chelsea,
    Hope all is well with you! You are still in my prayers. Hope you enjoy my family’s Christmas letter- catching a glimpse into our lives this past year. Have a merry Christmas- tell your family I love them.


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